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  1. (Rally): The King humbly thanks Mr. House to thank him for his work to better New Vegas, and Freeside, and requests a face to face meeting with the man himself to further discuss their partnership. (Rally): The King will be the first Freesider on The Strip, after Mr. House allows them to enter free of charge, and will take Rex with him. He'll let people on the streat pet his nice cyberdog, and talk about the importance of keeping Greater New Vegas independent, in between visits to the The Tops, and The Ultra-Luxe casinos' blackjack tables. (Sabotage): While at the aforementioned blackjack tabl
  2. So let me ask you guys this. How old are you? 17 years old Do you like Mountain Dew? I used to, years ago, but these days it tastes like toilet water. Have you played Mass Effect? No. Ever been to Arizona? No. Ideal place to live? Portland, Maine, and I plan on moving there after I finish my education Did you vote?(I don't care who you voted for. I'm asking if you voted ) No. Joe Biden isn't worth committing voter fraud over . Preference: Cake or pie? Cake. Especially Ice-Cream-Cake, I have one for my birthday every year.
  3. The King cordially thanks Mr. House for helping Freeside, and states that he respects his hardline stance on the NCR. The King will also give some thought to Mr. House's offer, but states that any deal would require that New Vegas,and Freeside act as "Two Sisters", rather than as "Mother, and Daughter". In the meantime he orders his men to use the supplies to stock the Freeside Relief Center, to help Freeside citizens, and give any extra to the Followers of the Apocalypse.
  4. The North Vegas Conflict - The puts his plans to rid Freeside of the NCR on hold, and orders The Kings to help North Vegas residents evacuate, and protect them from raiders, and other villains. The Siege of Nellis AFB - Not wanting to spread his forces too thin, the King will simply use the NCR-Boomer conflict as an excuse to stir up more Anti-NCR sentiment in Freeside. Privately The King sends Raquel a bobblehead of the original King, as a sort of thank you gift, for diverting NCR attention away from Freeside. Sabotage - The King tries to hire 1st Recon vet Craig Boone to help train
  5. Raid - Hearing that the NCR had set up a soup kitchen in the northern part of Freeside, near Cerulean Electronics, The King send a group of Kings, led by Pacer, to investigate the rumors, and, if they are true, destroy the NCR stationed there. Sabotage - The Kings will pressure the Garrett twins of the Atomic Wrangler into supporting their putsch by threatening to attack their business if they endorse any candidate for President, especially Kimball. Rally - The King will take to the streets with Sergio, offering free 'Kings Style' haircuts to any Freeside citizen willing to pledge th
  6. The King, sensing that the opportunity for The Kings to expand their influence is neigh, sets in motion his plan to take The Kings from a measly street gang, into a legitimate power player in the New Vegas Territory Phase - 1: Remove the NCR From Freeside Rally: The King will hold a rally in Freeside whipping up Anti-NCR Squatter sentiment. Sabotage(Maybe, I'm not sure how to put this one): Realizing that switchblades, and pistoles won't cut it the King contacts the owners of The Silver Rush, and attempts to work out a deal to buy their energy weapons at a good price. Sabot
  7. Can I do my events now @PringlesN7, or should I wait?
  8. Can I be everybody's favorite group of Elvis impersonator, The Kings? If I can't then can I be Caesar's Legion?
  9. It's great to have you back man, I'm sorry to hear about your uncle.
  10. @Zenobiyl, If you've been waiting on me, I'm sorry, and for the first turn we will support the Norman Thomas led DemSocs.
  11. Confirm Amy Coney Barrett Block Brett Kavanaugh Elevate Neil Gorsuch
  12. Oops, my bad. Taking a cursory glance at their websites, I'd say Warnock is my favorite of the three, though I probably prefer any of them over any of the Republicans.
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