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  1. Can I be everybody's favorite group of Elvis impersonator, The Kings? If I can't then can I be Caesar's Legion?
  2. It's great to have you back man, I'm sorry to hear about your uncle.
  3. @Zenobiyl, If you've been waiting on me, I'm sorry, and for the first turn we will support the Norman Thomas led DemSocs.
  4. Confirm Amy Coney Barrett Block Brett Kavanaugh Elevate Neil Gorsuch
  5. Oops, my bad. Taking a cursory glance at their websites, I'd say Warnock is my favorite of the three, though I probably prefer any of them over any of the Republicans.
  6. Prominent Maitlandites, including William Maitland himself join with the Liberal's in the hopes of building it into a major force for Abolitionism, Democracy, Non-Violence, and Progressive Christianity in American Politics.
  7. William Maitland endorses George Thatcher, and calls for the formation of an American Radical Party, based off Abolitionism, Non-Violence, and Expanded Democracy. @Zenobiyl @Hestia11.
  8. Election Form Name: William Maitland Age: 62 Party: Federalist Would they run independently if they do not win: Yes State + Office: Quaker pastor from Pennsylvania Platform (one or two sentence reply to all of the above that is underlined and italicized): French Revolution: War, except in cases of self defence, is fundamentally evil. We should express our total neutrality in European affairs. Quasi War: Attempt to end this conflict peacefully, by negotiating a treaty with France, but if they are unwilling to come to terms, we may have to build up our na
  9. Brooke mingles with Moderate Republicans in Milwaukee Wisconsin,pushing the idea that his performance in New Hampshire shows he's the candidate best suited to defeat Goldwater. Brooke Rallys in Green Bay, Wisconsin where he talks about the environment. He pledges to create an Environmental Protection Agency, create a national park in Alaska, and create a Youth Conservation Corps. Brooke talks about Civil Rights in a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While in the country's first capital, he talks about the American Dream, and how the promise of freedom, and justice, has been denied
  10. Neil Kinnock will hold on as Labour Leader, and as Prime Minister. Blames obstructionist Tories, and chaos factor Lib Dems, for the failure of the government.
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