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  1. can you also add a make your own part feature or a simulation party in all simulators some people might want to make a federalist dominated timeline so make a Federalist democratic-republican Whig populist reform libertarian and any other major political party in all of the simulators it would be interesting to see a 1860 election with the Whig and federalist parties.

    any politician that has his/her ideas close to say the Whig party might be added to that party for 1860 maybe a Whig president Lincoln would be pretty interesting or in 1900 a federalist William Jennings Bryan too

  2. all representatives and senators and governors in each scenario . maybe some other notable politicians from the era. state senators and reps would be good vice presidential options all representatives and senators and governors in each scenario could be great for vp as well as president anyways you might have to do a lot of image searching i can help for that. btw in 1964 you have no photo for Sam yorty while in the rest you do can you update on that when you update 1964?

  3. by post images i mean put images from the sites onto the editor it says that the images need no be 75 times something ( i have a short term memory) but i want to try to find a image then compress it evidence exists for it working because of the mods i want you guys to help me


  4. how do i post images in the campaign creator? by that i mean photos of potential candidates from sites like Wikipedia and put them on to the  editor i want to improve on vcczars wonderful mods on

    history( sorry if i misspelled your name) keep in mind that i am only improving it for myself though i might try to see if i can get into the historical scenarios commission. i like the work that you have done so far and i am just trying to add more candidates who knows? maybe i might release my own versions onto the campaign part of the 270soft website

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