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  1. So I don't know if this is because I edited the scenario myself and something went wrong (probably the case) but I'm getting a weird glitch in the primaries of an unofficial campaign where four candidates have their polling set to 25% while all of the others have theirs set to 0 and it registers as there only being 1 delegate up for grabs between them. It only happens to certain states and disappears after a few turns but I really want to figure out a way to fix it so if there's anyone who knows what's going I'd appreciate the help.
  2. I'm under the impression that Wagner is as centrist as Trump appeared during the 2016 election, which is to say he only appears centrist because he's populist and not a more standard conservative like Pat Toomey. Toomey also did well there because of his support from gun control groups and figures (Gabby Giffords and Michael Bloomberg both supported him) and the potential for people to have voted for Toomey because of the expectation that Hillary was going to win and that she needed a check on her power. Considering the fact that Chester appears to be shifting toward the Dems long-term and Wag
  3. That result at the county level around Philly is very funky. No way is "the Earth is getting warmer because it's moving toward the Sun" Wagner winning Chester, Montgomery, or Bucks counties. Of course PI can be weird with this stuff but those county results are still very strange. Otherwise looks like a solid scenario with the only changes needing to be made regarding turnout numbers since they are too high. Good job!
  4. Don't think I'll be doing 1992. This required too much time and effort and brought out unpleasantness from me that I didn't even realize existed. Don't know if it was from stress, taking this way too seriously, or being drained by the constant effort that had to be put in. Either way I don't think I want to go through that again. Was fun for a time but became tedious by the end of my time participating in the game. Did inspire me to create an alt history timeline on another forum, though. At least that came out of it. Also best of luck to @Sami and @Reagan04 in the 1988 election when
  5. No problem! Glad to provide suggestions to improve the scenario.
  6. I must respectfully disagree with you as there's just way too many indicators that Dems are in for a very good year to ignore in my opinion. Almost a record number of Republican retirements in the House, consistent Dem over performance in special elections, strong fundraising by Dem candidates that is eclipsing even GOP incumbents, record number of Dems running for office, and poll after poll showing a wide enthusiasm gap between Dems and GOP. Republicans tax message is not resonating and the only thing they have going for them is the economy. They still have a chance of holding on to the Hous
  7. Looked at the scenario and have quite a few suggestions. For candidates, I would suggest adding Jason Kander for the Democrats. He may have only served as Missouri Secretary of State but his Let America Vote group has feet on the ground in several early primary states (Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada) and it he seems to be hiring some people you would hire if you're thinking of running for president so he should be a potential candidate. As for endorsers there's plenty of suggestions I'd make for changes if the scenario is supposed to be plausible based on how things are currently sh
  8. OOC: May Ferraro speak at the DNC as the runner-up for the nomination?
  9. OOC: Well that certainly makes Byrd's removal more sensible now.
  10. OOC: I will certainly consider it if I feel like contributing to this again in some limited capacity and reprising my role as Ferraro. All I wanted to say was that Gore making Ted Kennedy Senate Majority Leader is a highly unusual move by a presidential nominee and, really, I don't know how realistic it is to have something like that happen. It certainly would rankle many moderate/conservative southern Dems who could very well see it as a "coup" by the more liberal members of the party and Gore himself. I'm sure there was no malicious intent behind it and Kennedy is a respected figure but
  11. OOC: Good to know there aren't any hard feelings about how I departed from this RP. It really was unacceptable behavior on my part but I did need the space from this RP going into finals as it was becoming too much of a distraction. Terrible that is how it happened, though, and I do regret how I acted toward Sami as it was not respectful nor polite. I do hope 1992 proves to better because of the experiences from this RP for you and everyone else involved. Hopefully I will have the time to dedicate to it because this certainly became more demanding for me as it progressed and there was more to
  12. OOC: You know your assessment of my public conduct in here is probably accurate but it stings to be viewed as extremely hostile, I stayed silent on certain things that didn't need to be spoken and took other things to convos. Never intended to be hostile at all and I worked to change my behavior but clearly still had difficulty meeting the expectations of this RP in terms of conduct. Not gonna lie when I say I lost my cool way too many times in here for my own good, came in with the wrong mindset and then got way more annoyed with how the campaign was being conducted then I should have. Lookin
  13. Ferraro Announces the Suspension of Her Campaign for President “After much discussion with family, friends, and advisors I’m here to announce that I will be suspending my campaign for president to spend more time with my family who have been put under great stress during this campaign. I do not make this decision lightly, nor do I believe this is the end for myself or for women all across this country. This campaign has already made history, it has already inspired women all across this country to dream big. While we have yet to break that glass ceiling we have put more cracks in it an
  14. OOC: Ok, I'm sorry if this sounds rude but I'm just getting extremely irritated that you are mocking Ferraro for criticizing your policies once again. Like, ffs she is not even saying you are wrong on crime like before just that they are inadequate which is a much lighter criticism. It drives me nuts when you do this and try to paint her as dividing the party because THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH CRITICIZING YOUR OPPONENTS POLICIES. I'm sorry but this really gets on my nerves every time you do this.
  15. OOC: Was distracted by the Alabama Senate race, will post shorter than usual events. Walter Huddleston Joins Ferraro in Rural Kentucky; Talks Rural Healthcare Huddleston: “The state of healthcare in rural parts of Kentucky is worrying but Gerry Ferraro wants to work to fix it. She’ll increase funding for rural hospitals and clinics and establish a program to bring qualified doctors and nurses to these facilities. It’s time to improve the quality of rural healthcare and only Gerry has promised to do that.” Martha Collins Campaigns with Ferraro in Hopkinsville, Kentucky; Discusses
  16. Ferraro Visits Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in Wake of the Hurricane "I am here to express my deepest condolences to those who lost loved ones in this tragic and unexpected hurricane that has devastated the state of South Carolina. Words cannot express how much pain and loss there is here today. But I know the people of South Carolina are resilient, that they will work to rebuild damaged communities and heal the wounds of loss that run deep. I do not believe the people of South Carolina will be forgotten and I will make sure that this stays the case and that the state gets the federal ass
  17. OOC: Sorry I'll just stop complaining then and respond to it.
  18. OOC: I just have a hard time believing a hurricane hitting South Carolina in March. Maybe a super bad blizzard or something would make more sense? Or a tornado outbreak? Those things can happen in the winter in the South as it happened in 2008 during Super Tuesday which was in February.
  19. OOC: It's March hurricanes almost exclusively happen between June 1st and November 1st while very, very rarely happening outside of that period and even less so making landfall at all especially because it's still winter so it's quite cold.
  20. OOC: I mean she's not the one putting a self-described socialist in her cabinet so....
  21. Roy Dyson Joins Ferraro in Salisbury, Maryland Dyson: “I’m proud to support Gerry Ferraro for president because I know she is committed to cleaning up the Chesapeake which will do wonders to help out tourism here in the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She is committed to improving our education system, to supporting small businesses, and to expanding Medicare to cover prescription drugs. Her policies will improve the lives of countless Americans and expand opportunities for our children and for entrepreneurs all across the country. I hope you will join me in supporting her campaign so we can w
  22. OOC: These are for my push events. Lawton Chiles Joins Ferraro in Gainesville, Florida; Talks Crime Policy Ferraro: “I’m glad that Sen. Chiles has joined me today so we can talk about getting tough on crime. Our nation is facing a crime epidemic and we need solutions that don’t just fight crime after the fact like Sen. Gore has proposed but that prevent it in the first place. I have put forward policies that do just that. Establishing a community policing programs in cities across the country, putting 100,000 more police officers on our streets, getting tougher on sentencing, and
  23. OOC: Also I edited my other post and you probably missed it but you missed February 29th as 1988 was a leap year.
  24. OOC: @RP Overlord do we still get push events for March 1st that we can use? Also I just realized it but you missed a day because 1988 is a leap year so there's a February 29th.
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