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  1. any place where I can find a good map for something like this?
  2. I'll link you to a google document where everything is explained: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G0-Zs97H7eeu3SMH5j_PrSn27bBHrD9VrGzX9fbmbLg/edit?usp=sharing Basically, once the GHW is over, Canada will go to Russia along with Alaska and Portugal will Get Louisiana. Flordia and everything east of the mississippi is US controlled. Central America in under the Mexican Empire, La plata has southern south america.Prussia and Austria have Venezuela, Columbia, Peru. Bolivia, and Ecuador, Portugal has Brazil and Suriname as well a s french guinea and Guyana. England has the carribbean.
  3. I'm just trying to find out how to edit added Region IDs and delete Regions except the ones that are needed. lol. I tried this one time and it really didn't work out for me and NTM, the population. How do you edit that?
  4. so I am planning to make this Congress Infinity Games of only the house being the congress due to alternate events, America is also a monarchy. to make a long story short, in the 1730s France conquered the 13 colonies and in 1783, they became free and choose Ferdinand Augustus, son of Frederick VI of the HRE as their king. the entire scenario is very different from our own and it would take far too long to explain so I'll gop into the parties, the party leaders, and the current states. Royalists - Led by Aaron Burr, they control 70 seats in congress (full control of PA -23 seats, NY - 27
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