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  1. Sorry Folks, I've been having a tight schedule, and I haven't gotten to them in a while. This weekend I will be free though, so I will work on this and another Senate Race
  2. Be warned: They might have Landon 1936 odds (Hint:Not Readers Digest), and low stats. Anyway, ITP is still in the doable category, just not a top priority for the project.
  3. Moving Primaries to If Time Permits: 1. Hard to find much info on them 2. Let's face it, I doubt anyone would want to play a Erickson Vs Shepard Vs Dahn run on purpose. Besides, there is a reason that Keith Russel Judd isn't in many 2012 PI or PF maps. 3. If/When I do make them, they would have downright ABYSMAL stats.
  4. Thanks. I have a map, just need some issue icons and Thumbnails (DFL, MN Independence, Coleman, Franken, Barkley, others can be just party thumbnails).
  5. News Stations: ABC 5 (KSTP) NBC 11 (KARE) Fox 9 CBS MN (WCCO)
  6. Endorsers: Pres. George W Bush VP Cheney Sen. Barack Obama Ex. Gov. Jesse Ventura (Lock Barkley) Gov. Tim Pawlenety Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau AG Lori Swanson Sen Mark Dayton Sen. Norm Coleman (Lock Coleman) REP Tim Walz REP John Kline REP Jim Ramstad REP Betty Mccolum REP Keith Ellison REP Michelle Bachman REP Colin Peterson REP Jim Oberstar
  7. @Reagan04 @Patine While there have been many interesting Gov races over the years ('16 NC, '15 KY, '14 MD, '13 VA are some good recent ones), what inclines me toward MN Senate '08 (And close senate ones in general), is that Gov races are over-represented in the fan-made scenarios, and there are some good Senate runs out there (i.e. '16 PA, '14 NC, '10 DE (if Castle had actually won) '98 NV, '74 NH seems awfully tempting) that haven't seen the light of day.
  8. I'm surprised no one has tackled this yet (Searched both here and the 270soft download site). This one looks to be a fun one to simulate (By virtue of MN Independence Barkley's OK showing, and the infamous closeness), and MN hasn't really been tackled that much in general in Infinity. County vote totals: http://uselectionatlas.org/RESULTS/state.php?year=2008&fips=27&f=0&off=3&elect=0&class=2 Any thoughts? Phase: Pre-Alpha Done: Set Map Description Listed Endorsers, News Need to do: Set up people (Preferably Coleman, Franken and
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