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  1. Indeed, of course my Mom's side is Salvadorian and my Dad's side is Guatemalan.
  2. Florida being close as ever. Hispanic vote here will be close, Venezuelans and Cubans tend to lean to the right unlike those from Mexico and my ancestral homeland of Central America.
  3. Fake, we all know Denmark does not exist.
  4. Sad, all of these maps now obsolete.
  5. The day draws closer and closer...
  6. Biden still crushed in the South Carolina primary, so it seems like It worked out fine in the end. And either way, I was only commentating on the fact that even with all of that support behind her Hillary still lost. Trump isn't going to win because of Lil Wyane or Lil Pump. He wins because people believe he has lead America greatly during his first term, and so naturally they believe that he deserves four more years.
  7. Well Lil Wayne of course. You are just oversimplifying the point I am trying to make. A endorsement from a celebrity is not gonna have the same effect, as let's say the endorsement from Jim Clyburn for example. That doesn't mean it can't move some people to that celebrity's preferred candidate, but its not like it will cause a chain reaction that will ensure victory for that candidate.
  8. Okay, but Ted Kennedy was a life long politician and just happend to carry the Kennedy name. But I can see what you are trying to say.
  9. Okay, but obviously nobody cared in 2016, so how would an Lil Wayne endorsement change that? I guess you could make that argument, but why would he need a celebrity to back him up? The media is gonna fight it anyway, so just tout and show people that his polices are working for the better of the African-American community. Granted I was only 10 at the time, but she got what... Katie Perry?, I think Beyoncé and Lady Gaga threw their support. Pretty much every late night talk show host did. Casey Neistat did, he may be a youtuber but I remember fondly the outrage that ensued when he put out his endorsement. Point is, I doubt anybody cares about the political positions of an celebrity and I doubt they actually influence many voters to vote for their preferred candidate.
  10. Ah yes, let us not forget how many celebrities rallied behind Hillary Clinton. Worked out very well didn't it.
  11. if celebrity endorsements worked, we would have Hilliary and the first gentleman.
  12. Barry Goldwater and his faction push for the death penalty, wanting to bring justice to the victims of the Boomer's crimes.
  13. Wow! Billie Eilish and her edgy 14-year old fanbase is destroying America as we know it!
  14. If I was god, I would create the universe of course... and then immediately abandon it. Just let everything unfold on it's own.
  15. Barry Goldwater will answer the call to arms, and asks the NCR to lend over the responsibility's of the trial to him and the People of North Vegas! @Edouard The first event: Barry Goldwater heads out to NCR territory, specifically the Hub where he continues on his "spreading the word of Conservatism" tour. The second event: Barry Goldwater travels down to the Boneyard where he goes on the offensive, claiming that the NCR does not really stand for true Liberty! The third event: Barry Goldwater goes down to Dayglow, once again on his "spreading the word of Conservatism" tour.
  16. Joe Biden wins the popular vote 100%-0% guaranteed!
  17. 1. Sure, sounds fun. PMI or PI - Fictional 2. To completion I have no idea but the last thing I've gone and read is Burmese Days by George Orwell 3. Due to my age, I have not ever bothered with coffee 4. Ronald Ernest Paul
  18. Wimp as in weak or cowardly. In general, who you believe is "weaker"
  19. Not gonna lie, I love me some 90s FPS games.
  20. This was a poll question that was done a little while ago, but i am curious.
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