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  1. Andrew Scheer spends the day campaigning in Port Moody-Coquitlam talking about the economy "Justin Trudeau is destorying our economy. His over-spending is leading us to a massive deficit that will become unpayable. Billions of dollars are being wasted and will lead us to that said debt. This is why i believe we must balance the budget and stop over control government spending to be able to put money were it matters and lower taxes to put more money in the pockets of the Canadian people. We want a future where the Canadian economy is thriving, the wages are getting higher, the middle class has more money, and our children will be left a better future for all!" Its time for YOU to get ahead.
  2. Here are some targets. I plan for broader campaigning though. Winnipeg South Yukon Saanich-Gulf Islands Kanata-Carleton Windsor-Tecumseh Kitchener-Conestoga Papineau
  3. Andrew Scheer holds opening rally at Papineau. The leader of the Conservatives has launched his campaign in Trudeau's backyard. This rally detailed his strategy in this election strategy. "What a fine day it is in Papineau, too bad its represented by Trudeau. Anyway today we talk about strategy. The Conservative party is takeing a unique approach as we are taking many resources from the maritime states and Quebec and puting them into Ontario and Western Canada. You might be wondering, Why? We believe that going after riding rich Ontario and securing the West is very vital to our victory. Though i would like to add one exception, that is Papineau. We also want to make it clear to Mr. Trudeau we will not go down without a fight. We will make sure Trudeau and SNC-Lavalin will be properly investigated and anyone will be persecuted if enough evidence, this includes you Mr. Trudeau. No one is above the law and we must recognize Trudeau's failed promises."
  4. Its Time for YOU to get ahead. The Conservative Party has released some of its platform. Here are some highlights. -Introduce a Universal Tax Cut -Repeal Trudeau's Tax Increases -Repeal Bill C-69 -Build the Trans-Mountain Pipeline -Negotiate Greater Jurisdiction for Quebec -Recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel -Stand Up for Canada's trade interests -Launch a Judicial Inquiry into the SNC-Lavalin Scandal -Balance the budget within five years More of the platform is to be released at a later date.
  5. Hmm you know what. Can I Please Be Scheer?
  6. Canada sounds good. Its still kinda fresh in our minds. Also is never done.
  7. Nope. But i still need to think this trough as i just started making this.
  8. The idea of Ron Paul being president is intresting to me. So i have deciced to start working on a PI custom campgian. I've just started working on it and i though posting about it would bring some attenstion.
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