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  1. Yeah the election is on Tuesday. What's the connection? Well, you refuse to be honest. So I might as well be honest.
  2. I mean, you have other things to keep you busy correct? Why care about a ban. I have a natural inclination to curiosity I won't lie. But you claim to have something, so if I can muster the courage, why can't you?
  3. I mean you praise Trump a good amount don't you? How else can I describe you? You clearly are scared or just have nothing, so about you lay off that "I'd have plenty to say" bluff and just reflect.
  4. 1. 14 2. Student 3. Due to my age, Middle School. 4. Right Libertarian 5. INTP-T
  5. No, it's just called being brutally honest. Sorry if I got you mad though!
  6. Wow, its like this totally happened out of nowhere! It's totally not like this toxicity happened to come right when you joined!, oh not at all!... Anyway, you are definitely not helping the situation. So again, start acknowledging your mistakes and maybe it will make things a little bit better.
  7. Well first, when I said toxic I didn't exclusively point to one thing. So that is strike one. I'm not baiting, i'm just telling the truth. You have nothing against me, so how about you stop with your bluff and really be honest with yourself?
  8. Well that does not stop you from being toxic does it? A ban is not gonna hurt you in the long run. It won't have an impact on your image (in that you have none to protect), so unless you are that narcissistic... you should not have a problem.
  9. Besides that, it is the exact opposite. Yes this forum is mostly Liberal (which excludes me, since I assume you think I am so random Biden supporter) but that does not mean you can't have good conversations. But you sir go full Trump bot mode and preach Trump 24/7. And when you do face a challenge to your ideals, you break down and fail to fight back, and just have Admin do the work. There is a reason people like me go on the offense on you randomly, and its not just because we are all dirty liberals conspiring with the deep state.
  10. Oh my god! You found out my super secret socialist deep state agenda! Wow, you are sooo smart!
  11. So you either want to be on Admin's good side or that was just a bluff. Am I correct?
  12. Then just do it. Others have done it with consequences, so why can't you?
  13. Okay but I'm not a socialist or a liberal. I called you that because that is what you act like. You have not come back with anything because you can't or simply have nothing. You just turn to Admin because you can not fight your own battles.
  14. Okay, well why do you think I did it in the first place? In fact, everyone else that has attacked/called you out. You can not acknowledge the fact that your behavior is the central cause, so why should I or anyone else bother?
  15. Alright, I'll end it here then since you fail to acknowledge your own mistakes.
  16. You're basically a Trump bot that happens to have functioning body parts. Maybe if you didn't preach about Trump 24/7, the people on this forum would take you more seriously
  17. I see Pol Pundit is continuing his devotion to the church of Trump.
  18. Barry Goldwater... denies the offer, but thanks Caesar anyway for the offer. Event 1: Goldwater tours the rural NCR, trying to turnout the rural vote. Event 2: Barry will go to the NCR capital of Shady Sands, continuing his "spreading the word of Conservatism" tour. Event 3: Barry Goldwater ask some of his "private benefactors" to sabotage a NCR event.
  19. Ron Paul please! (This will be for the Libertarian nomination)
  20. The internet at its work. Not surprising really.
  21. Always nice to see the last of Corbyn be destroyed
  22. Joe! What happened to the age of consent?
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