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  1. Cenzonico

    Old Demos

    President Forever 2004 is out there for download on the campaigns site. And instead of demos, perhaps just the full games?
  2. You looking for a hot virgin teacher waifu or something?
  3. And so the man continues, still ever blind to the path of destruction he has laid on the land...
  4. I remember seeing Alienated while looking through the XML files. Is it going to get a use now?
  5. This game can pretty much run on anything as long as it is not super old. This game will hog your CPU and RAM heavily though.
  6. I would "barge" into this but all that Pol Pundit would do is whine. So I won't bother
  7. I thought this was your job....
  8. I am a bit sadden by the performance of Donald Rainwater in Indiana and Ricky in Arkansas, but they both did damn well in their own right. I hope it is just the start of something greater...
  9. This election has been wild hasn't it? Pol Pundit been real quiet though...
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