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  1. I'll volunteer for the attorney position.
  2. Always remember that Riots are constitutionally protected!
  3. (Off day for me, short posts this turn. I'm also slowly starting to care about school more.) Massachusetts came and went with a non-surprising result for Barry, with the primary looking good Barry Goldwater will hold a rally in Evansville, Indiana. Barry talks about jobs, and fighting against the influence of the Labor unions. Barry will keep badgering the Rockefeller Republicans, this time in Indiana. Barry will meet with bosses representing the New York Republican Party, seeing of he could make a dent in the Rockefeller Machine.
  4. Influence: Barry Goldwater will go to Arkansas to seek the endorsement of the lone Republican John Paul Hammerschmidt, making a pitch of electability and also asking him to convince the delegation to vote for me when the time comes. Influence: With the continued growth of the New Right, Barry Goldwater will go to Indianapolis, Indiana where he will help his activists on the ground.
  5. Goldwater did not expect a great performance in Pennsylvania but putting that behind, Barry Goldwater holds a rally in Columbus, Ohio about the age old question of the electability of Goldwater. "Hello Columbus! I come here today to make a pitch, and I want the other wings of the party to listen to this. As the primary season goes on, Rockefeller and Nixon will always attack me with the same old electability question. This is because they have nothing else to go on, I think that is very apparent. So here, I'll give my take. I can understand if losing in a landslide four years ago wo
  6. (I did not get the best sleep so I do not feel like putting in effort at the moment) With the Pennsylvania primary ahead, Barry Goldwater holds a "Mega Rally" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the rally, Barry Goldwater will talk a little about the riots, this time simply condemning the Black Panther's, calling them socialists that only seek attention through violence. After, he will talk about the need for law & order and the need for a true principled leader. Influence: Phyllis Schlafly will be out campaigning for Goldwater in the city of Pittsburgh trying to turn out vot
  7. Influence: Barry Goldwater will once again try to approach Rockefeller Republicans in Pennsylvania, this time simply trying to talk to them instead of giving a pitch. Influence: Barry Goldwater will continue to work with the New Right, this time in the Pennsylvania suburbs to see if he could start gaining ground in them.
  8. While at a event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Barry Goldwater speaks on the recent events relating to Mr. King and the Civil Rights movement "This week, the stokes of racial tension has once again been fired up! But, I would first like to give my condolences to Mrs. King, their children, and any other member of the King family. Republican or Democrat, White or Black, I think most Americans can agree that the efforts of Mr. King for the Civil Rights Movement were tremendous and can not be understated. But the riots and the violence that have ensued only proves that America continues
  9. Jeb Bush announces that he will drop out and endorse Marco Rubio for the Republican nomination, citing the need to unite the party to make sure Donald Trump does not get the nomination!
  10. Influence: Considering the role they had in the victory of Wisconsin, Barry Goldwater realizes that the activism from the New Right could prove to be very helpful if he helped them build up. So with that in mind, Barry Goldwater sets up a meeting with New Right activists in Columbus, Ohio about setting up ground game, telling them to quote "get to work." Influence: Barry Goldwater will meet with Pennsylvania Business Conservatives, claiming that his pro-business, low tax economics would have them flourish on prosperity for a richer, and better America.
  11. After another win, Goldwater goes to Erie, Pennsylvania talking about the Vietnam War, and a little bit the road ahead. "Well, look at that. Even with everyone trying to bring me down I still manage to win Wisconsin! That I tell is the real power of the Conservative movement. But besides that, we will have to fight hard from here. Every faction has united, and ours will of course take the attacks since they have nothing better to do. But I believe that the American people can get past the fear mongering and instead look at each candidate individuality and decide who they think will r
  12. Influence: Barry Goldwater will meet with New Right Activists to try to galvanize them and for them to start getting out there and get voters to vote for Barry in Wisconsin. Schmooze: Barry Goldwater will meet with Texas senator John Tower in order to try and seek his endorsement. Phyllis Schlafly Endorsement: While at a pro-Goldwater event in South-Eastern Illinois, Phyllis Schlafly comes out to endorse Barry Goldwater for president! "Four years ago, I wrote a book by the name of "A Choice, not a Echo." This book went on to sell millions and helped Goldwate
  13. Barry Goldwater holds a rally in La Crosse, Wisconsin where he gives his final remarks before the Wisconsin primary "As the Wisconsin primary comes closer, we are at a crossroads. The Liberals are still divided, and the moderates will surely unite against us just in time for voters to go to the polls. But Conservatives, we stand strong against the tide of attacks on us. Richard Nixon will continue to batter us of course, it is all he is done in his campaign. The Liberal wing will continue to attack us of course, calling all of us radicals that should not get near the White House. If
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