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  1. No 3: What a cursed election. I would rather write in Patine than vote for those two. No 4: Okay, it's a bit better. Tom Cotton is a big fat no, I guess Rand helps but still. Pete is cool, so as Yang. But admittedly I would still just go third party. No 5: Gavin Newsom can barely keep our state running so their is no way in hell I'm gonna trust him to run the country. I probably would have chosen Baker/Romney but I can't pass up the opportunity to vote for Rand Paul under the Libertarian party banner. AOC/Yang on the same ticket sounds fun though.
  2. So meh but watchable. Go it.
  3. Is this debate any good? I took a nap, so I'll watch it when I have my inevitable insomnia.
  4. Joe Biden needs to be more proactive and take on the offense to Trump, he can't let the Donald take control and stomp all over him. Donald Trump should do a mix of an focus on any accomplishments in his time of office and any attacks that could hit hard and make Joe stumble. Overall though, Trump needs to make himself look more favorable.
  5. Indeed, I think Rainwater has a real good shot at winning that race.
  6. One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us!
  7. Arkansas needs to stop picking cotton...
  8. Instructions unclear, I got hacked and hard-locked out of my computer by Russian hackers and now they are asking me for $10000 to recover it. Please help.
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