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  1. This game can pretty much run on anything as long as it is not super old. This game will hog your CPU and RAM heavily though.
  2. I would "barge" into this but all that Pol Pundit would do is whine. So I won't bother
  3. I thought this was your job....
  4. I am a bit sadden by the performance of Donald Rainwater in Indiana and Ricky in Arkansas, but they both did damn well in their own right. I hope it is just the start of something greater...
  5. This election has been wild hasn't it? Pol Pundit been real quiet though...
  6. I was referring to the attack itself... Clearly you couldn't see that
  7. I just realize how shitty of an insult that was and how angry you got at it.
  8. Warm, though to me when the sun is out it feels like 110 degrees. But its been cooling down as we make way for winter.
  9. I guess, but I'm not gonna follow the some practices Pol Pundit does. Not gonna become what I am fighting against.
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