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    Converted to anarchism on 1/24/18 gave up all of my trolling on same day.

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  1. The fact is linux is the Operating system of the future. Windows and Mac are all corporate. Linux and the GPL are for libertarians and anarchists (like yours truly) the wonderful quality open source projects on linux easily demonstrate that there's no need for expensive corporate software.
  2. That'd be an ideal state for the US.
  3. To be clear His sin was in contradicting the teacher regarding official gramamr
  4. You've commited a cardinal sin in this matter
  5. Don't even get me started on how time has been phantomosized https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantom_time_hypothesis
  6. I thought this was self evident but I meant exist if only in a limited form.
  7. Just because there wasn't a philosophical book on it doesn't mean it didn't exist.
  8. I believe Ebola to at least in some capacity be a man made disease with the purpose of being used in war (similar to how the mongols weaponized the bubonic plague against the ukrainians) for resource wars. Based on what I've read as of late I've seen that Islam is expansionist religion in a very capitalistic manner.
  9. That doesn't mean the land wasn't stolen capitalisticly by them.
  10. When I said Iceland I meant the people in Iceland who live on territory stolen in a capitalist manner by vikings.
  11. A partial list of the devilish capitalist inventions -Scientology -Islam -annoying people -china -the military -the EU -Marine le pen -Kim Kardashian -Zorastrianism -govt mind control(mass hypnosis) -"gifted" people -ebola -iceland
  12. @admin_270 This thread needs to be locked and the anti-Native American hater taught a lesson.
  13. Ah what typical capitalist behavior.
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