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  1. Thanks! Hope they're up to par with the main map. If you want, you can make a blog post on the site so folks can see them on the main page. I'd do it myself but I've never done a post on the main site before so I don't know how to upload the files there.
  2. Whenever you get to runoffs and primary runoffs, do you think it would be possible to have the option to ask for a runoff instead of it always being automatic, as well as for the AI to be able to ask? Some states have that option available in real life. Would that be too difficult to implement? Or would it be too pointless to, because I can see that as well. Just a thought I had the other day.
  3. Just wanna note that I accidentally selected the fourth option on the protestors question. My pick is actually the second one, I just misclicked. I'm fully supportive of anyone's right to protest, as long as it doesn't turn senselessly violent.
  4. I certainly hope he does. I don't think any incumbent should ever sit easy, so in states that are essentially one party in certain races, I always encourage a challenge from within. But Kennedy is running for all the wrong reasons. He doesn't seem to have any genuine qualms with Markey and if I had to guess, his only reason for running is "Cause I'm a Kennedy!" Which I guess is fine, it's a free country, he is perfectly within his rights to run for whatever reason he wants to, even one as lame as that. I'm also in my rights to hope he loses. But I'm glad he ran since it gave me another race to enjoy speculating about, plus if he loses this'll be the first time a Kennedy has lost a race in Massachusetts, so that'll be pretty neat. All that being said, I could see him running for the senate again in 2024, either against Warren (who he probably should have challenged in the first place) or if its an open race. I don't think this potential loss will end his career, but it will put an end to Kennedy's being unstoppable in Massachusetts, and I am a-okay with that. It's long past the time for that dynasty to go the way of the Adamses and the Lodges.
  5. Um, my bad. Didn't realize this was in the general when I posted in. That's what I get for having multiple tabs open I guess! Could this be moved to the proper section please?
  6. Hey everyone. So awhile back I went looking for some state maps and found several, but a lot of them seemed to not entirely conform with the style of the presidential election maps, and several were missing even. At the time I didn't know how to make them in this style so I made some (very bad) ones that I kept to myself. Well, the other night I finally figured out a way to make them in pretty much the same style. Credit goes to the original creator of the game for the background map (I assume), and for whoever made the state county maps on Wikipedia. And Inkscape for being the tool I used to make all of these Some of these may not be entirely up to par, but I figured this would at least be a good starting place for all of them to be the same style (I even redid ones such as Kentucky and West Virginia so it could all conform nicely). Additionally, some states (like California and Virginia) have small places that others may prefer to have as small dots away from the map, like DC in the main game, but in lieu of doing that I just made the map as big as I could. Apologies if something like this has been done since I last checked, thus rendering this project pretty pointless. I just got the urge to do this the other night and thought, hey, why not share it! Anyways, enjoy everybody Maps.zip
  7. Ah, I see now. My bad, I clicked on the little blue button assuming it'd take me to new posts like always. Took me to the very last page and I just assumed I had already seen all the posts on the previous one!
  8. I had a thought earlier today that I think might be a worthwhile addition to your list. Have you ever considered adding a "create a scenario" button? Where you click that and then pick a map you'd like to use (either native ones in the game or custom ones), and from there make everything from scratch. I believe that would be a bit easier than copying another scenario, then trimming it down. Might just be me though. On the topic of native maps, I know that this would most definitely be far off in the future, but in the event you do make a "create a scenario" button or something like that, would you ever consider adding native maps of all fifty states? That might be better left for a bigger project though. US Infinity, perhaps? All that being said, every now and then I have a lot of fun making scenarios despite the difficulty I have with it. I know popular vote primaries is a feature further down the road so I've been making scenarios where the competitors are each their own "party," turning the popular vote feature on and running it like it's a general election. Same for runoffs, I just run a game where there are a bunch of candidates, then run another game starting from the primaries end date with the two candidates on. Not quite the same but enjoyable all the same. Can't wait for it to all be doable in one game! Looking forward to what lies ahead. Keep up the good work and stay safe man
  9. This isn't really a suggestion, more just me thinking out loud, but whenever popular voting and runoffs are implemented for the primaries it would be pretty cool if you could decide what you wanted the rounds to be. For example, you could make round one be based on the popular vote, so have every single state vote on one day, and then round two between the top two candidates would be decided through delegates over the course of months, as it currently is, or heck, you could have both be something that takes place over several months. Not really something I'm suggesting for the immediate future because I imagine it might be kind of difficult to implement, but it would be a neat feature I think
  10. Awesome news! I love to run the presidential elections with the popular vote, and then take the top two finishers and run another game. That's great, but being able to do runoff primaries and a two round general in one game would be a nice, complete experience and I love to hear that it's in the cards Keep up the good work man!
  11. For President Infinity: Have you considered making a primary season based around popular vote possible, and for there to be an option for a runoff? And on the topic of two rounds, if I remember right awhile back you were working on it but ended up having to postpone it due to technical difficulties. Has there been anymore progress on that? Assuming I'm remembering correctly of course and not mixing it up with something else or just straight up imagining it, apologies if either of those is the case. I have to say those two things (popular vote primaries and runoffs/two rounds) are my most wanted features for this game. I believe it would make campaigns like French presidential elections, senate and gubernatorial races much closer to real life. The game is already near perfect but that stuff would just be icing on the cake for my personal experience, and for some campaigns I'm tinkering with. Great work on the game by the way. This is easily the best election simulator out there right now and I admire the hard work put into it. Always look forward to hearing how you've improved it!
  12. Sometimes I browse through on here just for fun, or trying to find campaigns not on the main site. This forum isn't quite as active or big as some other places I visit (which is a shame, because this is an awesome game and community) so it's easy for me to forget that something on the second or third page, or even low on the first page, is a bit old. I didn't realize how long it had been since the last posting until after I had posted my message.
  13. It's the unconventional ideas that made me refer to him as a nut, but I didn't actually mean it in a bad way. It's more a playful term that I use when referring to someone with unorthodox views, and I don't usually say it outside of conversations with people close to me who know it's not meant to be offensive, but I slipped up a little tonight due to my sleepiness. While I don't see some of his ideas as being realistic (and disagreeing with a few), I've enjoyed hearing him discuss them because he at least manages to not speak like your typical fringe candidate. That is, he actually sounds professional and like he knows what he's talking about. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing him in the debate (assuming the party doesn't block him somehow) and think that he could probably win if he ran for some other office like a seat in the House. Part of me thinks he's hoping to spring board from this to such a race, actually.
  14. Did you ever get to do this one? I'd love to play a Clinton vs. Giuliani game I actually came into this thread to suggest adding that nut Andrew Yang so I could play out a Democratic primary of him vs. Caroline Kennedy. Because that's the kind of stuff I think of when I'm bored, haha.
  15. It's early but it seems like this one is going to play out as it did in real life.
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