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  1. I'm making a scenario for a friend's setting, which involves ranked choice voting. However, I have no idea how this screen is supposed to work: How do I better determine second-choice votes?
  2. Here are the files in the folder, if that's what you're asking.
  3. The game gives me an error when I try to select the mod.
  4. Turns out, I think, I'm just overextending myself with the tracking polling (running it in too many states), and it's running out in one or two days instead of five.
  5. Is there a way to make it so that I don't have to constantly renew polling?
  6. Is there a place where I can set it so that, instead of every Monday, polls are updated daily by default?
  7. Votes Green. Does not believe in climate change.
  8. Did a simulator playthrough from the primaries.
  9. Anthony is already well aware of this; you don't have to ping him each and every time you bring it up.
  10. Will the full update have the Constitution Party? It broke 1% of the vote in Alaska, Hawaii, and South Dakota.
  11. I ran the primaries from January 1, 2016, with all the candidates on, using the new sneak peek update.
  12. The results of a simulator campaign from the August start. The results of a simulator campaign from the September start, with Bloomberg running.
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