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  1. I'm not a huge movie buff (I'm 34 but have only seen <50 in my life), but I did like The Hunt for Red October. Does that count?
  2. Anthony, question - Are you considering implementing an early voting feature to PI (or maybe there already is one and I’ dumb lol)? I feel like that’s definitely an interesting avenue for improvement especially given the coming voter bloc mechanic.
  3. I don't know. I think of a country, defined by its borders, citizens and laws as a big family. I don't wish ill upon foreigners. I just don't have the same empathy. As long as a single person in my country is economically insecure I think their needs should be prioritized.
  4. I'm not religious and don't plan on having kids. I want my fellow countrymen (and -women) to have a good life and be able to work, provide for families and retire with dignity. So the short-term is fine imo. Agree to disagree, I just think of foreign policy as zero sum.
  5. "Perhaps the best definition of what constitutes conservatism was laid out by the Right’s most popular icon, Ronald Reagan. The Gipper believed that conservatism was a three-legged stool, consisting of religious conservatives, national security conservatives, and economic/libertarian conservatives. For Reagan, each one of these legs was integral."
  6. If Ford wins in 76, the GOP avoids the three-legged school coalition which resulted in its decay culminating in the Tea Party debacle.
  7. I am a nationalist though. My worldview that informs my politics is I want redistribution from the new economy back to the old economy. I also think voters have the right to prioritize the short-term over the long-term.
  8. Not an adept historian, but: Taft - Labor laws, antitrust Ford - Just wasn't bad, mostly ideas though Trump - protectionism on trade, withdrawal from international alliances/organizations, energy deregulation, lowering corporate rates to spur on reshoring
  9. Well if you look at the Lincoln Project, it makes a ton of sense to me. Not only were they covering up a grooming operation and grifting off of donations (to achieve "generational wealth" in the words of Schmidt), but they were completely incompetent in running campaigns. I'm no fan of McCain, Romney, or the also-rans of 2016 and 2020, but yikes. With a consultant class like that no wonder they lost.
  10. Related, I happened upon this a while back: http://xaviercromartie.blogspot.com/2009/12/libertarian-ranking-of-united-states.html Very interesting imo. I'm not a libertarian by any means but fascinating perspective. He hasn't updated it in a while, but he said Trump is near the top and Obama is near the bottom.
  11. Romney had a lot of issues, I agree. But two moments in particular hurt him: (1) The 47% leak at the fundraiser (2) Saying Russia is our greatest threat in the third debate Both made him look completely out of touch and borderline delusional.
  12. I can't give a single-term president higher than a C (part of why Ford, Taft and Coolidge are lower for me, even though they were competent). If Trump wins re-election then sure.
  13. In my lifetime (born in 1986), I would grade presidents as follows (no +/- modifiers): Reagan D Bush 41 F Clinton D Bush 43 F Obama F Trump C Last great president (A grade) is probably Teddy Roosevelt to me. Though several in that span showed some promise (Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon in particular were three misses that could have been hits). I have some affinity for Ford too (pro-choice and pro-gun), but not enough of a body of work.
  14. Agree somewhat, but with Duverger's law it's the system in place (and American elections are interesting from a game theoretical POV). The Russian hacker nonsense is just as bad as Qanon. Delusional conspiracy fodder.
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