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  1. The problem here is that this hearing should never have happened in the first place if we followed what Lindsey Graham had said he vowed to do several times the past few years. Feinstein calling it one of the best hearings she has been a part of and then hugging Graham, just makes no sense. It symbolizes the weaknesses of the dem party leadership to hold their ground and not let the other party get away with things like this. Why an 87 year old is still in congress with important leadership positions is beyond me. If she runs for re-election instead of retiring I hope the party decides to rally around a challenger in the primary.
  2. Well that was an incredibly disheartening and insulting conversation to read. Its called respecting people's life choices whether you agree with them or not. I think you should reflect on that and read up on the issue a bit because you clearly don't know what you are talking about.
  3. Joe Rogan is obviously extremely popular online, so a debate moderated by him is sure to be seen by a lot of people, specifically undecided voters and people who identify as apolitical. However, I question whether he can be neutral in his moderating. I also refuse to give the spotlight to a guy who has made transphobic remarks among many other problems. So my answer is no.
  4. I'd give a third party a better chance at winning DC than Trump lol. It's stunning to me that Nate only has it at 90% too
  5. You can't enforce people to wear a mask in their own house, where many parties and gatherings are being held. And you also can't require them to wear one out in restaurants, where a lot of spread also occurs. If you didn't require masks for people going to stores, or any other places indoors or within close proximity with others, then we would see a lot more cases than we do now. That has been evident in several analysis's and studies
  6. Perhaps I should rephrase what I said, I don't think mandating goggles would do much more to stop the spread on top of masks. Places that have mask mandates still have problems though, largely in part, because of parties and gatherings being held where masks are not being worn. When dining, masks are not worn, family and friend gatherings/parties do not have masks being worn, there is no way to enforce that. But without mask mandates, I don't doubt cases would be much higher. True, but flu season is when it is most rampant in communities (why else would they call it flu season?). We have seen that clearly the warm weather did not lead to covid to go away unlike what happens with the flu. It doesn't seem necessary to mandate masks in months where transmission of the cold and flu are rare.
  7. I don't think goggles or eye shields need to be mandated, I think as long as everyone is abiding by the face covering mandate that is sufficient enough to stop the spread. What I would say is people who get a medical exemption from wearing a mask should be required to use a face shield instead.
  8. I think if everyone wore a mask in public during flu season, that would be very good for public health. This pandemic hopefully is opening our eyes to some common sense measures to prevent illness spread, even those that aren't as serious.
  9. The "problems" you mention are all either false points or irrelevant. I hardly think the difficulty to communicate outweighs keeping people safe in any way. They do not decrease oxygen intake and that has been proven by many people. On the point that there is not much evidence they slow the spread, that is not true. People have been wearing some sort of mask to prevent illness from spreading for centuries. There have been numerous studies done showing at least some efficacy of masks on slowing COVID spread. In places with little cases, it makes sense to still require them because in case the virus does get introduced into the community, if you already had universal mask wearing, the chances of continued spread reduce considerably. I do think there is a strong tendency in people to refuse something if they are told they have to do it. So I am actually curious if more people would comply with mask wearing if it wasn't mandated as oppose to if it was. (I still think more people would choose not to wear it because they are fed to believe false info, so a mandate is necessary, but it would be interesting to see)
  10. She's only been fact checked on there 7 times, compared to over 500 times for Trump, and I would assume many others on that list as well. I think that is an important thing to point out. (in fact just one of her fact checks came from after 2018, and I think she has increased her knowledge considerably the past couple years)
  11. This is the best Joe Biden has sounded in a while. Really good speech so far.
  12. Obama had a great speech. Nice to be reminded of what a President is suppose to sound like. Harris is doing well too. Having the final three giving speeches be Warren, Obama, Harris was great. They all give such powerful speeches. This has definitely been the best night so far.
  13. Cuomo is the only person I have heard call it that.
  14. My only problem with Cuomo's speech is he repeated his dumb idea of calling it the European virus. It's a stupid counter to Trump calling it the Chinese virus. I don't find it clever at all.
  15. I think it's possible Yang gets a role in Biden's administration. If dems lose, I could see him running for NYC mayor. Either way I think he will stay relevent. O'Rourke could run for gov of Texas to stay relevant.
  16. The earliest 2020 dem primary poll we have is from 2016. That poll showed Biden in 1st, Bernie in 2nd, and Warren in 3rd. And that is exactly what ended up happening. Obviously, anything can happen, but I think it is funny that the earliest poll we had ended up being correct lol
  17. Yang definitely deserved a spot but not surprising that he didn't get one. Castro and Beto would be good, especially being from Texas. I would have liked to see Ilhan Omar, but I can't expect more than one member of the squad to be given a spot. Almost surprising they even let AOC speak. Others I wish got a slot include Kirsten Gillibrand and Sherrod Brown.
  18. I voted for Barbara Lee. She would be an excellent senator. But I would be cool with either Ro Khanna, Karen Bass, or Katie Porter too
  19. It seems to me that it highlights the incompetency of Trump and the fact that he has no real plan to deal with this. -When asked about deaths, his response is "it is what it is". He pushed back at the interviewer who showed him how we are ahead in deaths in terms of population and Trump tries to tell him he can't do that. It's a totally fair question that Trump didn't want to tackle because it exposed his weakness. -When asked about the rally he held indoors with thousands of people, he attacked the press for misreporting the attendance and boasted about how high the ratings were. None of that was the point of the question and as always Trump turns the question into "me me me" instead of focusing on the people. -He claimed you can test too much, wouldn't provide any source as to who says that when pressed on it (because it is false). Saying that when he took over "we didn't have a test". -When he doubled down on wishing Ghlislaine Maxwell well, what is the point of that? Why is he wishing her well when in the same interview he wouldn't even saying anything good about John Lewis? -Claims he is doing very well with African Americans, acting like the economy being good is the only measure of what they care about. Wouldn't say that police treat black people differently than white people. On this question about systemic racism, he dodges the question and talks about the criminal justice bill he signed instead of talking about what more he could do to fix this problem. -When asked about how history will remember John Lewis, he said he didn't know and then attacked him for not going to his inauguration. To not even acknowledge what Lewis did for this country in terms of civil rights is ridiculous. And then Trump again claims that he has done more for black Americans than anybody except "maybe" Lincoln. It was a terrible interview. No good politician would be as unprepared and selfish in their answers as Trump has.
  20. Good reasoning's for each, though I do disagree with some. 1. Elizabeth Warren - I think she adds a much needed level of excitement to his campaign. Evident by the online fundraiser he did with her last night where his campaign raised $1.7 million from 50,000 donors. She is intelligent and would be an important voice on economic issues in his administration. 2. Kamala Harris - She's got the name recognition and would be a beast in debating Pence. She's definitely the "safe" pick, which you could argue is a good thing or a bad thing. Despite it not pleasing progressives, there are still some issues I could see her pushing Biden to the left on. 3. Tammy Duckworth - I think a problem is that people either don't know her and if they do, don't know much. I'll admit that as politically involved as I am, I don't know too much about her. Regardless, not a bad pick. 4. Keisha Lance Bottoms - She isn't known by too many people but she has gained some recognition in recent months - for both good and bad things. I think her and Biden would pair well as a ticket but I don't think it would bring a whole lot of excitement. She also probably is not ready to be President if needed. 5. Karen Bass- virtually no name recognition when it comes to the average voter. While she is likable among progressives but I don't think there are many progressives who are hoping he will pick her. I don't see how this really helps 6. Val Demings - I just don't see how picking a former police chief in this political climate makes any sense at all. She also isn't known by many and likely isn't ready to take on the duties as President if needed. 7. Susan Rice - This is just asking for Benghazi to be made a thing again by Republicans. It also seems to just guarantee we are going back to the Obama admin years and just operate exactly how it was. It's Biden so that is a given, but he has seemed to acknowledge that this country is hungry for change and that there are some areas where he was out of touch and he wants to listen and adjust. This would be a slap in the face to those thoughts.
  21. Sec of State: Russ Feingold Sec of Treasury: Elizabeth Warren Sec of Defense: Barbara Lee Attorney General: Laura Coates Sec of Interior: Raul Grijalva Sec of Agriculture: John Hickenlooper Sec of Commerce: Andrew Yang Sec of Labor: Robert Reich Sec of Health: Jeff Merkley Sec of HUD: Joaquin Castro Sec of Transp: Kevin Corbett Sec of Energy: Steven Chu Sec of Education: Jaime Harrison Sec of VA: Tammy Duckworth Sec of HL Sec: Elise Stefanik Women: Duckworth, Lee, Stefanik, Warren, Coates (33%) Minorities: Duckworth, Lee, Yang, Coates, Chu, Grijalva, Harrison (47%) Black: Lee, Coates, Harrison (20%) Hispanic: Castro, Grijalva (13%) Asian: Yang, Duckworth, Chu (20%) Disabled: Duckworth (6%) Regions New England: Stefanik, Warren Mid-Atlantic: Yang, Reich, Corbett Upper South: Chu Deep South: Harrison Midwest: Feingold, Duckworth Great Plains: Castro Mountain States: Hickenlooper Southwest: Grijalva West Coast: Lee, Merkley, Arreguin Governors: Senators: Duckworth, Merkley, Warren Republican: Stefanik Wonks: Yang, Corbett, Reich, Coates Rival: Hickenlooper Getting someone from each region was the hardest part for me (and even what I had to really stretch the leniency of what defines a region lol). Also realistically I would never want Stefanik in my cabinet but I had a tough time actually finding a republican that would not be awful in the position I would give them. And Jamie Harrison as education doesn't make much sense but I needed someone from the deep south.
  22. 1) Social Democrats 2) Progressive Democrats 3) National Democrats 4) Urban Democrats
  23. Any thought about breaking up states into multiple sections for campaigning and results? For example, NY could be broken up into NYC, western NY, upstate NY, and eastern NY or something and you would be able to campaign and run ads in a specific area. And obviously NYC would be more important to campaign in because there would be more voters there. And perhaps to make it more interesting and give certain candidates advantages in rural vs. urban areas. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement, but I think it would be cool.
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