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  1. A bit late to this, but my biggest thing would be giving both Bernie and Trump a 5 for Charisma. Obviously it's all relative, and if we're considering a 5 to be "historic" than I guess not. But if it's in relation to the current political climate, than these two are obviously the leaders of the two big populist movements in the U.S. and are extremely adept at getting people to like them, even across ideological lines. I've seen a lot of typically conservative people talk about how they like and respect Bernie, and a lot of more left-leaning people admit that Trump "has a point" about such-and-
  2. This stuff does make me really uncomfortable. Doctors going on TV/radio and trying to "diagnose" Trump from afar is not just an encroachment on his individual rights as a patient/potential patient, it's simply bad medical work.
  3. While I think he acts like a shithead while using it, I genuinely think Trump being the first U.S. President to wholeheartedly embrace social media like Twitter on such a personal level will be a big part of his legacy.
  4. Obama is sort of a weird President to categorize to me. His biggest achievements came when Congress was "with" him, but he still "compromised" those victories. Once Congress with no longer "with" him, most of what he did was through executive order. He almost belongs in Category 4.5
  5. Bernie is definitely not a hawk in any sense, but I don't think he's "no overseas deployments" Far Left. His usual answer was we should use our military in conjunction with other allies. I think Left is more fitting.
  6. I'd move Hillary Clinton to Center-Right. She has repeatedly stated that the best policy for Syria is full regime change.
  7. Slight semantic suggestion: replace mentions of Kyoto Protocol with Paris Agreement to reflect current landscape?
  8. For the Democrats, I'd drop Cuomo down a tier and bump up Booker and Harris to Tier 2. Booker and Harris have both been very active channeling "Resistance" energy.
  9. I think putting Hillary Clinton under "Center" would be more accurate. She wants to reschedule Marijuana and is generally okay with medical legalization, but has failed to come out for any sort of full legalization.
  10. It's hard to tell you anything I like about Trump, because it seems like the guy genuinely has no principles. Have I heard stuff I like? Sure, when he talked about getting less involved in overseas military conflict, I liked that. But that hasn't been the policy. He talked about tax reform, closing loopholes, and at one point even raising taxes on the wealthy. Again, sounds great, but I do not believe he has any intention of pushing for any of it. Edit: I guess officially killing the TPP is something I like that he has actually done.
  11. Sen. Bernie Sanders of VT Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA Sen. Al Franken of MN Fmr VP Joe Biden of DE Gov. Terry McAuliffe of VA Sen. Cory Booker of NJ Gov. John Kasich of OH Sen. Rand Paul of KY Sen. Ted Cruz of TX Donald Trump of NY The top spot was hard. As a Progressive, Bernie is my guy. But I think Warren might be a stronger candidate in 2020.
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