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  1. In the third paragraph of the campaign description on the website you download from you say: " The winner has the most votes, becoming president, while the second place candidate (assuming he is from a different state than the winner) becomes VP. As such, Jefferson cannot become VP if Washington becomes president, as they are both from Virginia. " I look forward to the release of the update.
  2. I've played a number of different scenarios and I was actually looking at playing through all of them (granted I was going to go backwards) so I figured I could help out and made an account. I haven't run a playthrough yet but the most glaring issue I see revolves around Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson is given a % equivalent to Adams in Virginia. However (assuming Washington wins the election), Virginia electors aren't eligible to vote for Jefferson because both Washington and Jefferson are from Virginia and the constitution mandates that you must vote for one person outside your st
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