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  1. Awesome thank you so very much! No need to rush the endorsements. I am going to play around with it as is. This is great, thank you!
  2. Awesome! I'd love that. Is there any way you can provide the link for the one that is public (if it is public) that everyone else is talking about.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Makes sense now... so if I wanted to do Maryland and there's no scenario already created for Maryland... I would have to start from scratch then. Got it. Are there any tutorials on how to make each county have its own data? If not that's cool. I will try to figure it out.
  4. I've searched high and low in the game and on the forums. The only answer I seem to have uncovered is in campaign editor make sure popular vote is on. I did that. And then selected the region (state) I wanted to play in... but it did nothing. Still a national election. Searching using key words on here hasn't uncovered anything. I'm sure it's a super easy explanation I just missed. Or is it not part of the PI game and is part of the CI game? Sorry if this has already been answered, I just haven't found it anywhere.
  5. I was hoping to find a fix for the Mac issue, however it seemingly won't be fixed any time soon. I have never used a VM before, so I would appreciate that!
  6. Re-downloaded - problem is still persisting... only took me to the second round this time before it just completely closed. I wanna play for hours! But it won't even let me play for minutes without me having to restart it five times for each round and continue from the auto saved game.
  7. Definitely keep 1-25. As for the new additions, the electoral college and 51st state are definitely great ideas to add. The others can go either way.
  8. I recently purchased the Mac version of President Infinity. So far, everything seems to run perfectly in the general election. However, when playing in the primaries, the entire game will just close. It usually takes about 30 minutes or so of game play and then it just shuts down, usually as the week is progressing and you're waiting to see the news stories and all...occasionally the game will close while making an ad as well. I have no idea how to fix this. Could it be as simple as requesting a redownload? Are there any known fixes? It's incredibly frustrating and makes it essentially unplaya
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