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  1. Finally, some good news on August 6th. It took over 50 million, and a lot of travelling, but I've gained a good bit. Some scandels and bad attack ads for the Trump campaign gave me the opening to jump in the lead. In the electoral college. I've pulled within reach of Florida and North Carolina, with Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania finally moving to my corner. I've stopped the bleeding in areas like Oregon, New Mexico, and the Northeast, and started gaining in Arizona and Iowa. I'm hoping to keep up the momentum, and take the lead for good here. And preferably win the popular vote in the process.
  2. Was I supposed to bring good news on July 16th? Well... I can say that my standing in Virginia and Wisconsin has improved. But that's it. Oregon has dropped back into being competitive, with Michigan and New Mexico going red and Minnesota and Maine moving to toss up. I've been bleeding cash for a while too, and with little to show for it. My only hopes here are that there's still 110 days left, and that enough states are close that if I can make a decent push I've got a strong chance.
  3. It's June 25 and it's unfourtunately more of the same. While I have gained in New Mexico, Michigan, Virginia, and New Hampshire, I've dropped further in Florida and Pennsylvania. My deficits in Texas, Arizona, and Ohio have shrunk, but I'm still down big. My main priorities have to be getting Florida competative again and locking down some part of the Midwest. Hopefully I can pull North Carolina or Arizona back as well.
  4. It's May 14th and things are not looking good. I'm down 300-205 in the Electoral Vote and 49.8-46.9 in the popular vote. The only good news that I have so far is that I've kept Trump under 50%, gotten back to a decent lead in Oregon, and kept Wisconsin and Michigan close. But I'm down 20% in Iowa, 13% in Ohio, 23% in Arizona, 17% in Georgia, 11% in Texas, and 8% in New Hampshire. One point for optimism though is that, since most of Trump's popular vote strength has come from me cratering in the deep south (R+40 in LA, 41 in MS, 45 in AR, etc.) his Electoral College advantage has lessened quite a bit relative to the popular vote. I've also caught up in cash-on-hand, 66m-63m, although Trump has spent nearly 3x as much as I have. Hopefully I can close the gap soon, I don't want to be playing catch up in October.
  5. It's April 2nd and I've all but won the primaries at this point. My only opponent left at this point is Warren, and I'm leading her 47.2-19.6. With a nearly 30 point lead I now turn my attention to the general election. Considering my meteoric rise I'm excited to see how much I'm leading Tru- Oh. OK. That is not good. I have a lot of work to do.
  6. Following the results of Super Tuesday I've taken a larger lead nationally, up 8.8 percent over Warren. Klobuchar has jumped to third with 10.9 percent, virtually tied with Buttigieg and only 1 percent below Warren. Both Biden and Bloomberg have dropped out following the primaries. Now with a solid lead I'm fighting to avoid a contested convention, only 27 delegates over in the projections.
  7. Following the Nevada primaries Beto O'Rourke, Tim Ryan, and Michael Bennet drop out. We're three days away from the Super Tuesday primaries but first, the South Carolina results have come in. Josh [REDACTED] has won the state with 27.3 percent of the vote, Buttigieg has suprisingly jumped to second place with 15.3 percent, and Warren has come in 14.8 percent. [REDACTED] wins 38 delegates and Buttigieg wins 21 delegates. Heading into Super Tuesday [REDACTED] has 164 delegates and Buttigieg has 21. Kamala Harris drops out just before Super Tuesday, following the South Carolina primary.
  8. Another primary another win for Josh [REDACTED] as he carries Nevada by a large margin. With none of the other candidates getting above the 15% threshold Josh [REDACTED] has carried all of the state's 43 delegates. [REDACTED] has won with 30.6 percent, with Buttigieg coming in second with 11.7 percent, Warren coming in third with 11.1 percent, and Bloomberg coming in fourth with 10.2 percent. Joe Biden comes in a distant twelveth place with 2.1 percent. We're two days away from the South Carolina primaries, and 5 days away from Super Tuesday, and I've finally taken a lead nationally with Warren in second 5 percent away. Biden has dropped to third now with Buttigieg close behind him, and Klobuchar has jumped Bloomberg into fifth. I'm hoping to solidify my lead in South Carolina in the next few days, as well as in the Super Tuesday states that I've got momentum in now following my wins in these three early states.
  9. Following the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries the following candidates have dropped out: Deval Patrick, Bill de Blasio, Tom Steyer, John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Sestak, Steve Bullock, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro, Bernie Sanders, and Marianne Williamson. In the lead up to the Nevada primaries I've leapfrogged into first place with Biden dropping to third and Warren staying in second. I've gained in Nevada and taken the lead in South Carolina, Ohio, and Texas, and I've tied in multiple key states less than two weeks ahead of Super Tuesday
  10. There's some more surprises instore as the votes finish coming in in the New Hampshire primaries. He was behind in the state polls but his momentum seems to have pulled him to the lead; Josh [REDACTED] has won New Hampshire with 13.5 percent. Klobuchar lead in the polls prior to the election, but came in second with 11.6 percent of the vote, just ahead of Sestak with 11 percent, and Yang with 10.4 percent. With 4 candidates getting double digits none of them get above 15% meaning all 32 delegates go to Josh [REDACTED]. Front-runners Buttigieg and Warren do better than in Iowa ith 6.8 and 6.2 percent respectively, while Sanders and Biden continue to disappoint though winning only 2.3 and 0.6 percent respectively. I've now taken the lead in Nevada and Oregon, tied in Texas, and closed the gap in South Carolina. Biden has retaken the lead, but I've now effectively tied Buttigieg for third place nationally. The Nevada primary is in nine days so hopefully my lead endures through then. I've also been gaining in South Carolina, so I'm hoping to take the lead there as well. Here are the results for the worse performing candidates in New Hampshire
  11. It is time for the Iowa Primaries and we have some shocking numbers. We start off with the thing that most people care about: who won. He led in the polls leading up to the election, however they seem to have underestimated his support as Josh [REDACTED] has carried the state with 24.2 percent, winning by a 10.2 percent margin and, because no other candidate reached the 15% threshold, all 51 delegates. The other surprising and notable things include: Wayne Messam who had started to rise in Iowa polls part of the way through January jumped to second place with 14 percent of the vote. Also notable are the under-performaces of the national front-runners Elizabeth Warren (3.9%), Joe Biden (1.8%), and Bernie Sanders (1.1%). Following my win in the Iowa Primary I've gained in multiple states, although I currently still only lead in Minnesota, and I'm hoping to ride this momentum to an upset win in New Hampshire where Klobuchar currently leads. Warren Has also taken the lead nationally now with Buttigieg catching up to her and Biden now. And here are the results for the worse performing candidates in Iowa
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