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  1. Changelog Version 1.01 - Added Fox Hunting as an issue - Fixed the leaders images - Paul Nuttall is now a nerd - Arlene Foster now looks more human - Colum Eastwood is not a big headed alien - Made different issues more or less relevant - European Union is now the most important thing in the world - May have lowered a few others or increased a few others - Can't remember which ones though
  2. With respect to those parties, I don't believe I want to run through the effort of adding every single one of those parties into the roster of parties. This will mean coming up with candidates, poll numbers (which have to be whole numbers) and adding leaders for those parties. While I could do all of this theoretically, I do not believe it would add much value to the end product. These parties aren't expected to gain seats and because they receive decimal figure percentages in terms of votes, its hard to get an accurate simulation of these parties. And lets take the Official Monster Ravin
  3. This was my Jeremy Corbyn attempt. Did pretty well if I say so myself.
  4. To do list: Improve leader images (just looking at Fosters image is enough) Change the incumbant party and candidates to 2015 values Remove no longer running candidates from the seats (They will be referred to as PARTY Candidate in till I find a new name) Update the scenario as the 2017 election draws closer (improve election night to have seats announced as the actual results were announced) Add more events?
  5. Information For the past week or so, I've been working on a scenario for Prime Minister Infinity which is based on upcoming UK 2017 General Election. The scenario is based on the map used in the 2015 scenario provided with the game. All of the polling data was provided by the Electoral Calculus. Every party leader has been added or changed - Conservatives have Theresa May - Labour have Jeremy Corbyn - Lib Dems have Tim Farron - UKIP have Paul Nuttall Just to name a few All polling data has come from Electoral Calculus, you can view the full polling data below
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