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  1. Fair enough. Britain First are less a movement, more a hate group. In the sense they've published videos purporting to show violence of immigrants when they're actually committed by nationals of whatever country. Nobody takes them seriously here.
  2. Agree with you very much re knife crime. It is on the rise. There's a vast litany of reasons for this, and I believe that a younger generation - of which most knife crimes can be attributed to - have grown up angry, disenfranchised and raised within violent homes and communities. Not a good thing. That said, the volume and number of knife crimes according to population is significantly lower than shootings in the US. What's more, from my own experience, knife crimes are largely centralised within London and surrounding areas. I had never really heard of the issue until moving to the capi
  3. Yes, my ancestors may well be the reason for it existing, but the keyword is that: ancestors. A long time ago. Redundant. Old-fashioned. Outdated. We won't be invading the USA anytime soon. Also, I'm not sure of what UK you talk of, but nobody has been arrested for making jokes about a dog. Nor have MPs tried to overturn the Brexit referendum. They've merely tried to give it proper parliamentary scrutiny - and rightly so. Not sure how the ownership of guns would solve this? But we digress. The issue here is that guns are legal in the USA, when they don't need to be. Other countries w
  4. From a British point of view, and from someone raised in the countryside where hunting is actually a thing, this whole gun issue in the USA is outrageous. You have more shootings than anywhere else in the world. Take away guns = people not getting shot on the street, in schools, or anywhere else. A tired old document that says you're allowed to possess a very dangerous firearm is not compatible with the ways of the modern world. You do not need a gun, and you are not entitled to one.
  5. Thought I'd give it a go - why not! Name: Molly Newland Occupation: Junior Senator for Georgia Party: Democrat State: Georgia Political Influence Points: 20 Basic Political Views: Centre Left Leadership: 4 Integrity: 4 Experience: 2 Issue Familiarity: 3 Charisma: 5 Stamina: 4 Debating Score: 3 Starting Funds: 4,500,000 Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1980, Molly Newland is seen as something of a breath of fresh air in the Democratic party, but is still considered an outsider due
  6. Thanks, that all seems like good advice.
  7. Haha I appreciate that, but just in terms of mechanics, I struggle. It's an issue whatever the year!
  8. Honestly, I've played President Infinity a few times on different settings, and I still struggle so much with the 2016 campaign. Playing as Warren, I usually take Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada after slowly building up footsoldiers and selecting them within my strategy from the off. I win all the debates, I drop ads a few weeks prior to caucuses/primaries, and still, I can never beat Clinton. As soon as the first four primaries are done, I fall behind and just cannot seem to beat her. I know people will've asked these questions hundreds of times before, but I'm at a complete loss!
  9. It's not so much an RP, just a sim for your RP characters to come together and I can go through turn-by-turn? Next best thing! Starting point would be a character form I guess for all policy, bio, photo etc.
  10. More than happy to start building a list if it gets enough interest!
  11. First topic, but had the idea and thought why not. Has anybody ever proposed the idea of an original character candidate game? As in a custom President Infinity game that collates everyone's made-up character into one sim, as opposed to just lifting users/rehashing the same old Trumps and Clintons. Wasn't sure what the RP vibe was like on her but thought it could possibly be a good idea for anyone that's interested in that sorta thing.
  12. Potential option for multiple leaders of a party? Elizabeth Warren for Dem Socialists, Booker for Democrats etc. Just an idea, but it sounds great as it is!
  13. Ideologically, I'd vote Lib Dem as I'm of the centrist-leaning-left inclination. That said, I'm voting Labour as more a realistic vote to weaken May's majority - the whole argument that Brexit is behind the snap election seems a little untrue, and therefore makes me highly suspicious of the Prime Minister. Still, my local MP is Kate Hoey who was a huge Brexiteer despite our area voting 79% to remain - difficult when MPs are supposed to represent their constituents.
  14. Ah really?! Glad I managed to pull it off, albeit in a fictional scenario.
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