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  1. Crazy seeing how close States with now greater Hispanic populations were. If I was a GOP operative, I would have been doing outreach to keep it close, which would also avoid a Blue Texas or Arizona, and perhaps even help in Florida.
  2. Libertarian Republicans Progressive Democrats Social Democrats
  3. 1. Moderates 2. Agrarian 3. National Dem 4. Compassionate Con
  4. I'm just worried this will be a repeat of 1948: an unpopular President that is expected to be defeated by a decent margin, but through a few key issues and a few blunders, manages to pull a victory.
  5. I made it 271-267 with Clinton winning by simply giving three counties, one from CA and two from NY, to TX.
  6. Everytime a book like this covers things Eisenhower did, the more I respect him as a President. Things still progressed under him, but the progress was done in ways that didn't delay future progress or recklessly abandon tradition.
  7. Dang, things like that I did but have almost forgotten I did haha. That was fun to finish up, be nice if we could do more cool things like that.
  8. If only my favorable ideologies existed, then the worst of them would come out, and end up doing bad things. It is always good to have people you do not disagree with in office alongside whom you like, because it helps drive things to be moderated and more transparent.
  9. It is like he has simultaneously had a reality check while wanting to put up the whole "everything is okay" attitude.
  10. I don't think many people actually give a damn about DC Statehood, its just one of those niche issues that, when put on a platform, people are just like "sure, whatever, go ahead". It should be avoided as a primary campaign issue, however, since it can be used to grab voters who will fall for the senate packing argument. I still disagree with DC being a State though personally.
  11. Barack Obama, mainly because he handled Domestic crises well without creating a divide that did not previously exist. Donald Trump, mainly for creating new divides and abusing his power in office. Eisenhower, because he mastered the art of moving the country at a realistic pace while keeping it united. Andrew Johnson, because he absolutely stunted the future of the country with his actions. FDR, mainly because it is the amount of history taught and the circumstances around him that make him more popular rather than he himself personally. Carter, mainly because he had quite a few achievements that were overshadowed by the problems that he was stuck with. Henry Clay, because I feel he would have implemented a strong procedural attitude to the Executive that might have instilled strong precedents for Executive procedure. John Kasich, because I really wanted to see a center-right individual have a shot at promoting ideas that today often go ignored with strong rhetoric. I hope to see someone like Amy Klobuchar or Pete Buttigieg run for President, because I feel they are both strong talents that could seriously do good for this country. Probably Emmanuel Macron, mainly because he represents a type of leadership that, given the circumstances of his country, have been strong and realistic.
  12. I'd argue Clinton is much higher: read a few books, and he and his administration, especially with the whole Third Way theme, really put themselves on the spot consistently not only against the Republicans, but against their own party at times.
  13. I love Klobuchar, and still hardly know who Tim Kaine is beyond being a Virginia Senator who was Hillary's running mate. This is nowhere near a "Tim Kaine" situation, as: A. She is a she. B. She is from a battleground region. C. She had nationwide exposure campaigning. D. She has already been involved with the media. E. She is, for a moderate, progressive in areas usually unheard of in the mainstream: unions, labor, etc. F. People from outside the Democrats know who she is and like her.
  14. Event 1: Party runs a TV ad across the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. The TV Ad covers the platform of the Party, as well as images of the three major campaigners within the Party: B. Lee, Scott, and Cruz. Highlights under B. Lee: Constitutional Freedoms, A Return to Normalcy, Community Highlights under Scott: Equality, Education, Employment Highlights under Cruz: Second Amendment Rights, Lower Taxes, Lower Debt Event 2: Cruz Barnstorms across Southwest Texas to work towards gaining latino support. Stop 1: "One of the main things we disagree with the Republicans with is how we treat immigration. We shouldn't be tearing apart families, or doing any of the other inhumane things we do to people who illegally cross the border. This is not what God would want, and I know how much God means to us all here. I may not be a Catholic, but I am a firm believer in God just like you all." Stop 2: "The idea that people are judged by their culture and country of origin is just as horrid as the systematic racism our country is still dragging itself out of. A big push our party has made this campaign is to reach out to all people, regardless of any of these qualities. We need equal opportunities for everyone, its only fair." Stop 3: "America was founded by immigrants, and my family is a bunch of them. We need to expand legal immigration, so that we can give opportunities to more people to live in the largest Democracy on Earth." Event 3: Mike Lee (Not Bill Lee) Joins the Campaign, connecting Mormons to the Campaign. "The True Conservatives represents the values us Mormons hold true: not only are they compatible with our religious values, but they understand what it means to respect tradition and culture. We live in a society right now that is splitting away from God, something that is honestly just awful. I can understand those that feel no connection to God, and can respect their decisions, but moving away from God will only lead to communities falling apart. Do you see groups of atheists conglomerating together as a community every Sunday to bond over values the community holds true? No! What we need to do is help America go back to having values, values of which have been under attack by many people and many administrations for decades."
  15. I edited the one I did yesterday since I had time, just be aware.
  16. Another busy day for me... EDIT: Gonna add stuff to the events now that I got some time. Event 1: Lee campaigns in Pennsylvania on Religious Freedom. "Pennsylvania was founded on religious freedom, something that the Quakers established as a human right. Although politically diverse, Pennsylvania has always been open and free about their social freedoms. People deserve to be treated equally, and religious freedom is a big part of that. We need to get over the animosity towards other religions developed during the War on Terror, and instead focus the effort on uniting our people domestically. Funds spent oversees to obstruct religious freedom is clearly a violation of American values, and we shall not stand for that." Event 2: Scott moves forward the minority campaign into Mississippi. "Mississippi was what was considered the "deepest south you can get", especially before the civil rights acts passed. People that looked like me were judged as subhuman at levels comparable to the undesirables in Nazi Germany. We have moved forward since then however, and have healed not only as a State, but as a Country. We have been making heavy strides this campaign to reach out to minorities across the United States not only because we understand the issues that they face every day, but because we are making a strong effort to change our nation's outlook on racism. Equality is a value that nearly everyone wishes true, but view actually practice without any bias whatsoever. We need to end any programs leftover from the past that discriminate, and following that, we need to implement programs to attack income inequality, especially those among minorities. Together, as a community, we can make the lives of our neighbors who are not as fortunate as us better through respect, charity, and honest living. Event 3: Cruz goes back to Texas to host a pie eating competition fundraiser in honor of being pied. Cruz and his staff prepare a pie eating competition in honor of being pied earlier in the campaign. After cracking a few jokes with the crowd, and giving a stump speech about the party's values, the competition begins. Cruz himself participates, making it within the top ten, losing to a bunch of young middle aged males resembling the average American. "The average American" Cruz later says, "Represents the soul of this nation. We come together not only to better our own interests, but to have fun, together. Our campaign is much more than politics: it is about our honest, God-given, reality. We see someone down, and many of us are naturally inclined to give a helping hand to each other. Our campaign wants to match that humanity! We honestly believe that we can remove much of the hate from politics, and return to a place where, although we may disagree on policy, every American can feel at home in a country that loves them with open arms." Cruz, after giving a good speech, finished the event by taking another pie to the face, but this one was on purpose, as the winner of the pie eating contest got to choose who to pie, and who would not want to have fun by pieing a politician?
  17. We might see similar politics to West Virginia, where local parties dominate not necessarily the same as the national parties.
  18. Event 1: Lee hold Pro-Business event in New York "New York has always been the staple of the business community, especially with its dominion over local politics. New York has also put in more money into our Government than it takes out. With our Government expanding beyond the traditional Presidency, States need to have a clear grasp on their local economies. This also means, however, that the local political dominions are going to conflict with the national interests due to coalitions. The True Conservatives, however, understand this, and we will work hard to promote business interests as a strong alternative to the rapidly expanding anti-business progressive movements in the State." Event 2: Scott rides Minority Momentum into Florida "Our minority movement is not just one to empower african americans, but it is also one to empower hispanics and latinos. Public opinion has been fearful of people like us, because people associate "illegal" with our hispanic and latino people, and "poor" with our african american people. These attacks are just wrong! We need to stand up for our traditions and cultures, and make sure that our identities are not lost just because we are stereotyped! Event 3: Cruz takes a trip to Louisiana after Disappointments in Texas "Louisiana has been a melting pot of it own stature, just like our country is a melting pot on the national scale. We have French populations, strong religious communities throughout the state, immigrants that thrive, african american communities that uphold culture, and more! However, these communities are at risk if not at greater risk of falling behind the rest of the country just because they are different. It is time we treat everyone equally, and allow for values and traditions we hold true to thrive."
  19. Event 1: Lee Stops by Indiana to raise support. Event 2: Scott Expands Minority Outreach to Georgia. Event 3: Cruz continues to barnstorm in Texas. Kinda busy, just brief events.
  20. Event 1: Bill Lee champions the Southern Message outside of his Governor's mansion in Nashville. "When our People decided to go to a new system of Government, we knew that we had to remain true to our values. As Tennesseans, as Americans, we know that not only do the words of our Founding Fathers resonate with us, with how we believe in freedom and liberty, but we also share a common culture. As I have traveled to other States, especially those in the South, I have witnessed so many acts of good that truly make me want to preserve those traditions that keep our communities connected. We need a Government that allows people to be free, allows people to grow together in communities, and one that doesn't shun us like Governments of the past." Event 2: Tim Scott prioritizes minority outreach in Charleston. "We are free of the stigmas that stained our relationship with groups of people, based on their skin color, religion, etc. We now can stand for strong, moral, true values that we can unite with as human beings, values that will allow us to treat everyone with respect." Event 3: Ted Cruz barnstorms in Texas. "I may represent an old guard of sorts, but I know what it means to serve our citizens. I am tired of the divisions that split us apart, and I am ready to truly come together, not only as religious conservatives, as libertarians, as fiscal conservatives, but as moderates, liberals, hell even socialists, because we need to treat every man woman and child with respect, respect that people are afraid to show.
  21. @Mr.Blood Lee will run for Alexander's retired 2020 Senate seat.
  22. Party Leader will be Bill Lee, Religious Conservative Governor of Tennessee. Edit: If it can't be a Governor, make it a leadership system where Chair of the Federal Party is Mike Lee, and the Chair of the State Party is Bill Lee.
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