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  1. Crazy seeing how close States with now greater Hispanic populations were. If I was a GOP operative, I would have been doing outreach to keep it close, which would also avoid a Blue Texas or Arizona, and perhaps even help in Florida.
  2. Libertarian Republicans Progressive Democrats Social Democrats
  3. 1. Moderates 2. Agrarian 3. National Dem 4. Compassionate Con
  4. I'm just worried this will be a repeat of 1948: an unpopular President that is expected to be defeated by a decent margin, but through a few key issues and a few blunders, manages to pull a victory.
  5. I made it 271-267 with Clinton winning by simply giving three counties, one from CA and two from NY, to TX.
  6. Everytime a book like this covers things Eisenhower did, the more I respect him as a President. Things still progressed under him, but the progress was done in ways that didn't delay future progress or recklessly abandon tradition.
  7. Dang, things like that I did but have almost forgotten I did haha. That was fun to finish up, be nice if we could do more cool things like that.
  8. If only my favorable ideologies existed, then the worst of them would come out, and end up doing bad things. It is always good to have people you do not disagree with in office alongside whom you like, because it helps drive things to be moderated and more transparent.
  9. It is like he has simultaneously had a reality check while wanting to put up the whole "everything is okay" attitude.
  10. I don't think many people actually give a damn about DC Statehood, its just one of those niche issues that, when put on a platform, people are just like "sure, whatever, go ahead". It should be avoided as a primary campaign issue, however, since it can be used to grab voters who will fall for the senate packing argument. I still disagree with DC being a State though personally.
  11. Barack Obama, mainly because he handled Domestic crises well without creating a divide that did not previously exist. Donald Trump, mainly for creating new divides and abusing his power in office. Eisenhower, because he mastered the art of moving the country at a realistic pace while keeping it united. Andrew Johnson, because he absolutely stunted the future of the country with his actions. FDR, mainly because it is the amount of history taught and the circumstances around him that make him more popular rather than he himself personally. Carter, mainly because he had quite a few achievements that were overshadowed by the problems that he was stuck with. Henry Clay, because I feel he would have implemented a strong procedural attitude to the Executive that might have instilled strong precedents for Executive procedure. John Kasich, because I really wanted to see a center-right individual have a shot at promoting ideas that today often go ignored with strong rhetoric. I hope to see someone like Amy Klobuchar or Pete Buttigieg run for President, because I feel they are both strong talents that could seriously do good for this country. Probably Emmanuel Macron, mainly because he represents a type of leadership that, given the circumstances of his country, have been strong and realistic.
  12. I'd argue Clinton is much higher: read a few books, and he and his administration, especially with the whole Third Way theme, really put themselves on the spot consistently not only against the Republicans, but against their own party at times.
  13. I love Klobuchar, and still hardly know who Tim Kaine is beyond being a Virginia Senator who was Hillary's running mate. This is nowhere near a "Tim Kaine" situation, as: A. She is a she. B. She is from a battleground region. C. She had nationwide exposure campaigning. D. She has already been involved with the media. E. She is, for a moderate, progressive in areas usually unheard of in the mainstream: unions, labor, etc. F. People from outside the Democrats know who she is and like her.
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