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  1. I am currently making a scenario for the 2009 Japanese general election, where the dominant Liberal Democratic Party lost for just the second time since its inception in the 1950s. Does anyone who knows more about Japanese politics have ideas for what issues to use? I plan on using corruption, nuclear power, free trade, foreign policy, relations with North Korea, and higher education but would like to add more. Please let me know!
  2. While not perfect, a workaround for this is to allocate delegates proportionally by county, rounded by 1,000 or so. So smaller counties with a couple thousand people might have 2 or 3 delegates, while larger ones like Jefferson and Fayette have a few hundred.
  3. Great scenario! Do you ever plan on adding primaries to it? Both the Democratic and Republican primaries were very competitive last year.
  4. i'd love to see them! my email is lolandrewlmao at gmail dot com.
  5. 1. Warren 2. Sanders 3. Biden 4. Buttigieg 5. Klobuchar
  6. My prediction: Conservatives 311 (6) Labour 247 (15) SNP 47 (12) Lib Dems 21 (9) DUP 8 (2) Sinn Fein 7 () Plaid Cymru 5 (1) Alliance 2 (2) SDLP 1 (1) Green 1 ()
  7. I think it will likely be Biden or Warren, potentially Harris if she can continue her momentum but she already seems to be slipping a bit since the first debate. Probably a 98% chance it will be one of the current frontrunners (Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris). I don't see any other candidate making up the double digit differences between themselves and the 'top tier'. Buttigieg is losing momentum fast, and Booker, O'Rourke, Klobuchar, etc. have been unable to see any real rise in their numbers since their campaign launches.
  8. Estimated release date on this? I'm super excited!
  9. I'm thinking about doing a scenario for PMI-UK for the upcoming European elections in the UK. I think it would be really interesting with the Brexit Party being in the lead, and the ruling Conservatives being in 3rd-4th place. I'd like to have it released by the date of the election, May 23. Would anyone be interested?
  10. SO excited about these scenarios. Let me know if you need any help making them.
  11. I have the same issue. I'd say 75% of user scenarios give me the TGameEngine error code at the same point every game.
  12. Does anyone have the SC Gubernatorial Scenario saved? I can't find it on the campaigns page, although I distinctly remember the scenario existing. It was either 2014 or 2010. If you have it, please email me at aykaymei@gmail.com.
  13. Is anyone making a scenario for the 2018 Québec election?
  14. There's a weird glitch in the primaries where the game force closes after a certain turn. I'm currently working on fixing it, might upload general-only soon.
  15. @vcczar @jvikings1 @Reagan04 @Dallas @Sanser2016 @CalebsParadox @lok1999 @jnewt @ThePotatoWalrus @SiorafasNaCillini @servo75 @Presidentinsertname @Falcon @Take Me to La Riva @TheMiddlePolitical @Zach @Sunnymentoaddict @streiner @Conservative Elector 2 @Jayavarman @SeanFKennedy @QuickHead555 @goTBrays @warren2016 @victor1313 @TheLiberalKitten @Biden Should've Run @wolves @Socialist Bernie @Mordechai @michaelsdiamonds @chunkbuster11 @admin_270 @VanMav @pilight @Bruce Fischer @LegolasRedbard @republicaninnyc @TeamEhmling Stealing Patine's list.
  16. I’m putting the finishing touches on a beta version of this campaign, currently need to add endorsers and clarify policy positions for candidates. Any ideas as to what issues and ‘what-if’ candiates I should add? I’ll likely upload this tomorrow night.
  17. Thanks for the feedback! I'll make sure to do that next time I upload. Should be in a few weeks, with endorsers and debates added.
  18. @NYrepublican here you go! still have to make endorsers & debates, but I think it's a solid beta. Scotland Referendum.zip
  19. I have a working Scottish Independence Referendum scenario for PMI UK. It's very much in beta, but still playable. Any interest in me uploading?
  20. I'm looking for someone to make a .bmp version of this map (or similar one) of Jefferson County/Louisville, KY for a mayoral election scenario. Could anyone help out?
  21. I'm working on the 2006 United States Senate race in Connecticut, when incumbent Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman lost the primary to the more liberal Ned Lamont and ran as an independent, eventually winning the election. Thoughts?
  22. Thank you! I'll include it in the next update with any additional fixes I make. (I've already found a few mistakes, they'll be updated by next weekend).
  23. Just finished the beta version. Feel free to leave feedback or to make more West Virginia scenarios using this as a base. Thanks to Luki for the map. https://www.dropbox.com/s/70daqx05hoj31t3/West Virginia Gubernatorial Election 2016.zip?dl=0
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