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  1. This is fantastic - for the candidates I'd suggest wings of the movement. So for instance you could have the Vote Leave campaign be a "Soft Brexit" campaign, a "Hardcore Brexit" campaign or a "Lexit" campaign, all of which would give boosts in different areas. It's also a minor quibble but South Tyneside and Stockton-on-Tees are broken - they end up voting 90%+ Remain when really they were both Leave wins with around 65% voting for Brexit.
  2. That would work well, using different ratios to simulate areas that are in between those two extremes. By the way just saw the new shifts feature and that along with the currency features really made my day. I've tried throwing any possible input at those percentages and it deals with it very well, though I can't quite tell whether it applies absolute first then relative or relative first then absolute (does it do 2x-5 or 2(x-5) is quite important). Thank you very much for the quality of these updates, it's always good that you listen and add new features all the time.
  3. The only issue I see with these demographic blocs is that in my country different demographics behave completely differently depending on where they are. The same sorts of trade jobs are overwhelmingly Labour where I live but would be overwhelmingly Conservative in somewhere like Romford.
  4. Definitely. Or at least have the contested conventions feel less like a lottery. I have several fictional scenarios which usually feature three or four factions in each of the two big parties. The primary results come in, and often one of these factions will get 45% for instance. Yet the first leader to be eliminated gives delegates to another small leader who goes above one of those factions, and said small independent candidate ends up on 55% of delegates after winning just 5% originally. The fact I usually have PR primaries with no floor may make the system more unstable but it should
  5. I'm not very good at the game (I prefer messing about in the scenario editor), but ads are your best friend here. A national ad campaign can really build the momentum you need. Also most seats don't matter - there's only about 100 marginals that decide everything. I'd recommend a Plaid Cymru or SNP campaign to get started because they have less seats to compete in, about 50 and 30 respectively (though some seats are either not winnable or have a ridiculous majority for your party).
  6. It's been brought up before but I'd love to see a better election night. For instance, states would get called once the result there becomes very likely (possibly on the top bar). States where there is a lead but not a call could be coloured in the lightest shade for the party, so light red states are Republican leads and light blue Democrat leads. This could also be good for Prime Minister Infinity - the ability to see the constituency calls as they come in would be nice.
  7. I've tried to have a go at creating Bishop Auckland, a nearby marginal to me. It's hardly playable because of graphics, events, issues and so on (and all the US parties are in but with no support or ballot access). But the map and percentages work well. I've made a lot of undecided voters to make the election more interesting, and to make it more interesting for the smaller parties these undecideds have mostly come from Labour and the Conservatives.
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