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  1. lizarraba


    I've already made a Spanish scenario and I'm thinking in an austrian one
  2. lizarraba


    Hey @admin_270, you know we are having elections (again...) in Spain? This is the perfect moment to implement the most wanted system in years... Proportional Representation. You've always said that you will wait until there is a real election that would need PR to be played in PMI or PI. Well, I think this is the moment. The 29th we have elections in Austria too, and they also use PR, like 93 other countries... The time has come, bring PR to the Infinity games, like we all want, please.
  3. Yes, this Is still alive
  4. French residents living outside France. For example the fifth constituency covers frenchies living in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Monaco.
  5. FN 79 lmao, that's 65% of the candidates(79 of 122). Good.
  6. Dont worry about that
  7. In the new campaign you will have: LREM and Modem(Macron) LR (Right) UDI(center right) DVD(right wing independents) FN(Le Pen) PS(Socialists) DVG (Left wing independents) FI(Melenchon, left wing populism) PCF(communists) EELV(the greens) DLF (right wing populism) EXD (far right independents) REG (regionalists)
  8. I will put a link when i finish it
  9. lizarraba


    2 years after the legislative elections, Anthony has finnaly introduced TPP(Two-party-preferred) and even though it's not exactly a second round, i've decided to remake my old france campaign, now with TPP and first round votes. Here are some pics
  10. @admin_270 Are you going to make Chancellor Infinity? Chancellor forever is a bit outdated. and if not, when are you going to implement Proportional representation?
  11. I see me fighting for the South, but because i admire General Lee.
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