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  1. Huckabee winning Minnesota? What the heck?
  2. Yes, some guy from awhile ago is me.
  3. You don't know shit. Don't open your mouth when you know NOTHING about anyone on here.
  4. What I usually do Is don't close the page. It always works.
  5. I'm not even close to being an authoritarian, dude.
  6. Imagining Huckabee as President is definitely terrifying.
  7. He f*cked himself over when he refused to endorse Trump. Even though he pledged to support the Republican nominee.
  8. I really wish they'd fix the candidates not dropping out.
  9. I'm more center liberal on social issues, and conservative on economic issues.
  10. For some reason, I have a feeling he's going to lose against Hunter.
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