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  1. Ok ill save that for next version
  2. Yes you are right. You did not misunderstand
  3. I Have An Idea For A Campaign. This campaign will built from you guys the community. So like lets say you want to see 10 new party's I'll do it Or really anything you want. I'm thinking about it and it seems like a cool idea. Let me know you think and if i should make this into a Campaign. I'll make it off of the 2016 Campaign I have made this a campaign so please give me things to put in the Campaign. The first version 0.0.1 is now for download. A Campaign Idea 0.0.1.zip
  4. I Did This Just To See What Would Happen. Candidates: Martin O' Malley, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Evan McMullin, And Micheal Bloomberg. I was Evan McMullin. All I really did is just rally in Utah His Home state. O' Malley Was Gonna Win As He Lead And Won Almost Every Swing State. I Did Better Than Evan Because I Won Utah. Johnson Also Won New Mexico. Results: Malley: EV: 382, Pop Vote. 84,88,.859 Paul: EV: 145, Pop Vote. 64,605,840 Johnson: EV: 5, Pop Vote. 9,972,947 Stein No EV's. Pop Vote. 4,055, 989 McMullin Or Me EV: 6, Pop Vote. 604,224
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