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  1. I mean I'm no fan of the Democrats but at least they've gone to the effort of putting some sort of policy proposals together. Trump is still acting like he can run an outsider campaign when he's been president for a term, which from my perspective is unrealistic.
  2. I find it totally incredible how the Republican Party has become the Trump Party. Whilst of course they're the party of Reagan, of Lincoln, of Teddy Roosevelt and George Bush, they've always been the party of ideas, and they've often styled themselves on being the party of common sense. What is common sense about allowing a self-serving egomaniac to turn the party into what is essentially a cult of personality? I mean look at the speakers list for the RNC. Half of them have the last name Trump. God help the Republicans if Trump implodes in November because I can't see them fixing t
  3. I think, from an outsider looking in to America from the UK, the ball is very much in Biden's court at the moment. An average lead of almost 10 points is extraordinary, and if the election was held today he would almost certainly win in a landslide. I think the vast majority of the UK establishment are hedging their bets on a Biden win, including the PM, apparently. But, being someone who got into politics around Brexit and the 2017 election I am incredibly superstitious when it comes to polls and don't trust them at all. And there's still 91 days to go. Theresa May lost her majority in less
  4. Hadn't seen your post! I think mines is the most up to date map, however. There were changes made to the borough boundaries in 2000 which changed the borders which used from the establishments of the council, but nothing too radical.
  5. This one is taken from mohamed858585's interesting 2018 local election scenario, but I don't believe credit goes to him originally. These are of the local council boundaries, if you're looking for London Assembly constituencies (although, considering there's a PR element to that that PMI/PI doesn't support, probbably not) I don't think there is one at the moment. map.bmp
  6. Well, if he's serious, then I think this is ultimately what America deserves. Once you've let one celebrity narcissist become president, the Pandora's Box is open
  7. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18562149.support-scottish-independence-surges-new-poll-snp-look-set-landslide-victory-holyrood-elections/ With the differences in the Scottish and English response to coronavirus, it seems that the SNP are on course to win a majority in the next devolved elections in 2021, which they argue would be a solid mandate for a second independence referendum, less than ten years after the last one. Why is this? A few reasons are: 1. Perceived incompetence on behalf of the Westminster government in their handling of the coronavirus pandemic, i
  8. I can totally see the Biden and Trump comments happening. That's actually terrifying
  9. I think Biden's decision to limit himself to a black woman solely for the sake of the times we're in was a poor idea, if one that was electorally understandable. Elizabeth Warren would have been the best choice in my opinion, someone with experience but also getting that progressive turnout high. The fact that quite a lot of Biden's support comes from people voting AGAINST Trump rather than FOR him is something that he needs to address, and I still think Warren would be the best candidate for that. Kamala Harris - Reluctantly, she is probably the best of the line up that's been pre
  10. That poll was on Twitter, so we can totally discount it. No way it's accurate. YouGov placed it at about 50/50
  11. 1. Where do you live? Just outside Glasgow, Scotland 2. What is your first name? Joel 3. How old are you? 17 4. What caused you to get interested in politics and the President Infinity games? For the 270soft games, this review - https://drseansdiary.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/use-your-ed-how-i-put-miliband-into-number-10-just/ (It's amazing to see how much better Prime Minister Infinity has gotten in the past 4 years!) 5. Name one thing interesting about yourself. I play the trombone!
  12. I'm not sure either, but the one thing I can guarantee is it'll be a woman, since John McDonnell and others have argued that it's time for one. Although Keir Starmer is still the bookies favourite, the Corbynites are bigging up Rebecca Long-Bailey as their candidate. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't come across well, especially on the TV, and has cultivated a reputation as being generally useless (Some Blairite Labour MPs came up with the nickname "Wrong Daily" and boy has it stuck) The other real prospects are Laura Pidcock and Angela Rayner. Pidcock is another Corbyn acolyte, and is t
  13. Lisa Raitt campaigns against Jagmeet Singh in Burnaby South "If recent polling shows anything, it's that the Conservatives are the best placed challengers to Jagmeet Singh and the NDP. Not only has Singh abandoned his principles and gone against his word to stand in a seat that he felt a "genuine connection to" and has come here to Burnaby thinking that he can take your vote for granted come October. The NDP and the Liberals are both on the same page when it comes to tax reform - they both want to raise taxes, increasing the tax burden on us all. As Andrew Scheer said earlier, we p
  14. Totally ridiculous statement to be honest. Roosevelt was in power for 12 years whilst we had a Conservative-led government, the majority of New Labour's time in office was with Bush Jr as President. Good video though! Although they didn't really touch on it, it seems to me (as a Scot) that a lot of Scottish people are going to vote tactically against the SNP, potentially costing them seats.
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