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  1. No way. He's not gonna leave before Iowa unless he dies.
  2. Hop on if you want to discuss the game or political things or anything you like. I'll even give you a free t-shirt! https://discord.gg/cWbk5gY
  3. Sounds like someone should um, depose of Gore...;)
  4. We won again, even though we got less electoral votes. Also, we never officially entered the General election. Weird.
  5. I won't even show the final primaries, because they were uneventful. However, Stevenson isn't the Democratic candidate, Kefauver is.
  6. 1956 Primaries! Nixon is a shoe in for the nomination. For the 50's and 60's!
  7. Nixon First Term: Jan 20, 1953: Nixon and Stassen are inaugurated. Aug 26, 1954: Korean War ends with a South Korean victory! Nixon approval rating goes up to 83%! Sep 12, 1955: President Nixon gives a speech in support of repealing the 22nd amendment. Dec 20, 1955: Assassination on attempt on Nixon! He survives, and is out of the hospital by Christmas day. Jan 23, 1956: Nixon runs for reelection with a high approval rating, with some polls as high has 90%!
  8. Lets see how the Democrats are doing! The General has the Republicans in a clear landslide.
  9. My goal is to get enough delegates and have Ike endource me, and make Ike my VP
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