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  1. I would vote for Le Pen in both rounds.
  2. About Question 3, I can only say the following: "At the end who is responsible, the one who declares war or the one who wages total war?"
  3. I find it highly unlikely Ted Cruz would switch parties, even if the GOP split; Ted Cruz might be an opportunist but he's smarter than most people realise. I have a feeling that Cruz is going to redeem his relations with Trump and that he's actually going to be one of his greatest allies in the future. This is of course just a hunch, but there are some articles, like the one I'll leave in a link below[1] that can explain my theory. [1] http://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/trump-ted-cruz-allies-233622 [1] https://archive.fo/XB6Yd
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