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  1. Gov. Parish's Announcement At a rally in New Hampshire, "As I am watching the election cycle unfold, I have come to realize that the two party system in America has poisoned democracy. Both sides have polarized voters to the point where party lines are more important than governing. The time has come for a third party to help balance out the other two the same way the three branches of government balance each other. I have decided to drop out of the race for the Republican Party's nomination and to switch to the Linertarian ticket. Conservatism, Liberalism, they both have their meri
  2. Facebook post made by the governor: This holiday season, many families nationwide are feeling the economic effects of the last 8 years. The slow growth can no longer be tolerated. A return to bipartisanship is needed. Political squabbling is fine and good, but when the lives of the American people are at stake, political gridlock only harms our constituents. A vote for me is a vote for the Rebith Republicanism. #Parish2016
  3. Gov. Parish's Speech in CA Arriving in Palo Alto, CA, Gov. Timothy Parish gave a speech at his Alma Mater, Stanford University, to local citizens and college students alike. "The astronomically high costs of college in our country make getting a higher education harder now than ever. As such, I believe we should lower the interest rates we charge for student loans to be 1% above the inflation rate of the American dollar. This would enable the next generation to pursue higher education and better themselves without forcing them to empty their wallets to do so." Those students among th
  4. Timothy Parish's Presidential Bid A late arrival in the Republican Primary, Gov. Timothy Parish of Utah decided to put up his bid for the presidency today. Speaking on the steps of the State Legislature, Parish announced his campaign amidst a crowd of fans. A local favorite of Utah and the surrounding states, his name carries a lot of weight among several demographics in the American West. "The United States as of late has become a nation more closely resembling Rome in the days of Julius Caesar than the greatest nation to ever grace the earth. The same nation that won two wor
  5. Name: Timothy Parish Age: 52 Party: Republican Home State: Utah Ethnicity: White Previous position(s): Salt Lake City District Attorney (1990-94) Salt Lake City Mayor (1994-98) Utah Senator (1998-2004) Utah Governor (2004-present) Claims to fame/description: Born and raised in Utah, Timothy parish went to Stanford university for his undergraduate education, and would go on to graduate from Columbia Law school. After college, he returned to his home state and worked as a lawyer from 1998-1990, when he won the office for the district attorney. His campaign centered
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