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  1. Judging from your profile pic you look very much like a Socialist/Communist
  2. I've been alive for every single President in this country's history so I happen to know a little more than you do
  3. The Socialist Pleiadian race will enslave us all
  4. Nordic looking beings don't use statistics Mr. Political hack
  5. There is a great article on Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland all the Nordic looking beings here http://thefederalist.com/2015/08/11/scandinavia-isnt-a-socialist-paradise/ I recommend you and anybody else check out
  6. Capitalism may not be perfect but it is FAR better then Socialism
  7. @Patine Back to the earlier point about Bernie Sanders being Communist, Vladimir Lenin said about Socialism "Communism is the objective of socialism." We should be very worried about people like Bernie and everything that he stands for One of the basic Founding Principles of America is to embrace the idea of individual freedom, whereas the idea of Socialism embraces an idea that the individual is defined by the state.
  8. The Guarantee Clause of the US Constitution--Article 4, Section 4, Clause 1: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government," Now the Constitution does not say exactly what a Republican form of Government is but it can be found in the Federalist papers, and many other writings by the founding fathers and is NOT Socialism But we did it to the extreme unlike any republican government before or since--all citizens equal under the law and collectively sovereign. Popular sovereignty is inconsistent with any form of socialism. Natural a
  9. Socialism/Communism Who cares he's not American it is frightening he got close to winning the nomination shows you how many young whiny brainwashed voters there are in this country they don't have a clue how dangerous his ideas are
  10. Socialism does not work name one country where it has worked, and why America should become full Socialist
  11. He has openly called for a revolution, wants to redistribute wealth, kill capitalism, kill the wealthy, and kill America's values
  12. Bernie is no Democrap he is a Independant Socialist
  13. Please remove Bernie from your scenario... he shall not be encouraged
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