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  1. I'm also planning on buying the $5 a year sub for updates. I'll sub once I buy the game.
  2. I can't DM the Admin so I'm posting this. Hey man. The game was gifted to me when I was a kid. So I never really got any updates once you shifted to the subscription thing. So I'm planning on purchasing it. Just a few inquiries: 1. Will their be a time the game is on sale? Just so I could save money lol. And if there isn't, it'll be fine too. 2. Is there another way of purchasing the game aside from Paypal? I have the cash, but I don't know how to pay via the card and the number sht required to purchase the game. 3. Pertaining to number 2, I can just let my friend who has a visa pay it, if there's no choice. So question number 2 isn't as important as question 1. Haha
  3. 1. 18 2. Currently a Small Business Owner, though I'm planning on managing it less once I go to college. 3. 12th Grade. The education system is different here lol. And of course, for senior high ( grades 11 - 12) I majored in HUMSS/Humanities and Social Science 4. Formerly Lib Left. Now Authleft, with an emphasis on the "Left" and less on the "Auth". 5. ENTP (the Debater)
  4. @PoliticalPundit I'd like for you to stay and don't leave once you realize Biden has already won. I'd like your reaction. Your smugness is irritating. This isn't a personal attack, but rather an observation. I'm not even a Biden Supporter nor someone with great confidence in his chances. But I'd like for him to win just to spite you.
  5. This is similar to Liberal obsession with being "Civil" with Bush, a literal war criminal. While Graham is not as worse as Bush, the same argument can be made due to his stupid policies. It's not just "politics" it's life and death to a lot of people. Insulin Price is not "just politics". Inhaler is not "just politics".
  6. I mean Feinstein is of the same ilk of Graham so I wouldn't be upset with this. But I wouldn't be supportive of any Politician from my side being friendly with People like Graham. People who are directly responsible to a lot of deaths by refusing to expand medicade. By threatening Obamacare and by not supporting M4A or any form of Universal Healthcare. These people would not shed a tear for the Yemeni Humanitarian Crisis. So I don't think your (most Liberals and apparently some people here) obsession with Civility makes you any more virtuous than us. You want Aesthetic Civility. But Civility is useless for people whose lives depend on Policies that need to be fought hard for.
  7. Can someone help me understand why Gingrich rev. I don't know anything.
  8. You don't get to say what Trans people can and cannot handle. You don't know all of them.
  9. So outright ban them from serving? Aight. The same argument could be made against me, as I am gay. And gay suicide rates are high in my country. The Veteran sht is also shitty and the Military People in here are arguably more stressed than in your Military. Soldiers fight in the jungle here. I actually based my 12th Grade "Thesis" on the effect of Ostracization and Discrimination on gay people. So, even if the sample was low, I have a general idea. I am seriously planning on serving the Military, I just need my parents' approval. Now I ask you, should I be deprived of serving the country I love? Am I somehow less of a person? Am I less justified if I wanna fight Islamic Terrorists that murder Gay people? Why do we need to coddle LGB and T people? LGBT Adults are not so different from Hetero Adults. We can make our own decisions for ourself. We don't need the Government telling us what is and what isn't good for us. That's just Big Brother shit. And btw, I don't buy the Quota argument from you. No one is saying there should be a quota. What we're saying is that they should be ALLOWED if they want to. Not that there are many of them that exists and want to. And no one is telling the Military to accept trans people just cause they're trans. It's "accept trans people if they can go toe to toe with heteros". And I find it offensive of you to suggest that Trans people will somehow weaken the military. Like I don't get the logic. Doesn't the military pride itself on it's meritocratic way of taking in people? Doesn't the military treat all newbies as shit, regardless of gender and all that stuff? I find it patronizing of you to declare what trans people can and cannot handle. Don't generalize. I have to clarify that all of these are said in a calm manner. Hope you don't misinterpret. And sorry for my inadequate English.
  10. Who voted to deny trans people to serve in the military? I'm not hurting you. I just wanna talk
  11. Thank God. He's actually trying to win now. If only he stopped constantly alienating me and the left. He'd be a great candidate.
  12. I hope Trump doesn't die. Pence has a better chance of winning. But I kinda want Trump to die just for the shitz and gigglez. He deserves it after downplaying the Virus. And downplaying those 200 thousand people that died.
  13. And last and definitely not least. The most emotional one.
  14. This ad man.... Made me tear up. And I'm a foreigner. Now Imagine, being 18 years old. Working your ass off volunteering and donating to help Bernie. And he loses to a right winger. And then said right winger spits on your face whenever given the opportunity and says he has no empathy for young people. I'd be depressed. Lol.
  15. Should be shorter tbh. Only because your justices are chosen on Political Grounds, which is actually kinda weird. I agree with Patine on this issue.
  16. No. But I would really love to try them.
  17. It's time for Democrats to realize that Civility brings them nothing in terms of exercising power. Dems need to be ruthless and do whatever is necessary to take power.
  18. Cruz Drops out from the Race. Cruz endorses Trump at a rally in Columbia, South Carolina. Cruz encourages his supporters to wholeheartedly back Trump saying that "He is the jump start this country needs after the Obama years"
  19. 1. Cruz Campaigns in South Carolina, talking about why it's important to elect a "true" Conservative 2. Cruz Campaigns in New Hampshire, he emphasizes Republican Unity to defeat Hillary Clinton. 3. Cruz gives a speech in Keene State College. His speech was about the need to reach out ro young voters.
  20. Cruz barnstorms across Rural Iowa. Cruz attacks Trump in Cedar Rapids saying "Trump will wipe out all the gains our party made in 2014." Cruz launches an Ad in Iowa talking about lower taxes and less Government.
  21. Ted Cruz holds a rally on Christian Values in Des Moines. Ted Cruz Releases an Ad in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, highlighting his Conservative Credentials. Ted Cruz speaks about the Danger of losing the GE if Trump is nominated in New Hampshire.
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