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  1. Ah, I don't know about the second link, I don't really like The Hill. Also, the title of the article is slightly misleading, since it is measured as only popularity within the state they are representing, not across the whole nation. That makes senators who are strongly polarizing but very popular in their state, like Sanders, have a huge advantage, as Vermont is far more liberal than the rest of the nation.
  2. Results gained by flipping a coin for every battleground state. We'll see if the humble penny can outdo political science majors everywhere.
  3. LokiLoki22

    I'm Back

    I confess, I am gone more than I'm active these days, still, I'm going to try to stay marginally active.
  4. LokiLoki22

    I'm Back

    I'm back, and I was completely isolated during basic, what did I miss?
  5. If it has to do with race, that would bring up a different problem, which would be why folks of certain descriptions are disproportionately poor compared to the average.
  6. I think that happens if you win an endorsement, they'll hop on board. I could be wrong though.
  7. I think that America is simply too large, and the administrative power needed would be immense. It's like the rocket problem with departments. That's why Iceland or Norway has an easier time coordinating their governments than the US, China, Russia, or other large countries. Too many people. Anything like that would be best done at a state level.
  8. Uh, yeah, especially if it's in the comedy/stupid/doesn't take itself too seriously genre. I also would like a WWII French/Allied resistance style game, but a spiritual sequal to the ridiculous LCS? I'd play that to death.
  9. Please discuss. I admit some bias in my writing style, which is why I leaned on statistics.
  10. I would like to run the numbers on a series of programs at the state and federal level, to see if they are worthwhile, and if so how. This is based on an observation of mine that states with stronger social welfare nets, such as CA, NY, and VT, have better economic output per capita than states that consider any welfare to be traitorous, and counterproductive. First to be tested will be my initial observation, using statistics from This Overbearing Table. (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2018). In the table, we can clearly see that my observation holds itself to be mostly true, with the exe
  11. For me, OH Gov (Home state, and a very close race in a state that increasingly leans right), TX Sen, because no democrat has any business being anywhere near Cruz in polls, but here we are, and the overall house.
  12. I'd be inclined to agree with most of that, but I think that Biden might. I do think it is unlikely, however, and I discourage drinking that much Tabasco sauce, as you might suffocate from the sheer quantity of facial hair you gain.
  13. I would love it if you could send me some of the files for these, and I can begin to postulate how each district would go. I might use my Ohio, out of rude, greedy self indulgence. I lumped similar areas together, and tried to make competitive districts, even to the point of making some weird decisions. Like district 1 stretches into Butler County, so as to have my house be in a competitive district, and I ended up with a swathe of coastal territory that ended up being a "Lakeside District" District 11 is YUGE (damn you population density). Ohio is tough because there are vast diffe
  14. John McCain, whether you agree with his war record or not, was still a hero. Not for his achievements in the Senate, or his presidential bid. He was a hero in that when it came time for him to serve, and his number was up, he chose to stand up and be counted, rather than slink off to college, or fake a medical condition. He didn't have to agree with the war, when worst came to worst, he followed orders, and should be honored as a man who did not run away when his time came. His achievements in the Senate solidify his reputation as a man who always fought for the country he believed in, right u
  15. Awesome, Since I've been tipped to start at 1952, I'll start there, and maybe work up through the years.
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