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  1. I played this 2024 scenario as AOC, starting with the primaries: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2020/10/25/2024-americas-crossroad/ For the GOP, I turned on Haley, Cotton, Cruz, Scott and DeSantis. Haley won pretty easily, with Cotton and Cruz both polling equal to her and falling back at different points. She ended up choosing Pence as VP. For the Democrats, I turned on Harris, AOC, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Abrams, and Williamson. I had Gabbard, Booker, and Whitmer as Not Seeking and they all declined to run. Had some candidates for Greens and Libertarians, but forget who (sorry.)
  2. Heya, 1. 25 2. Work at an LGBTQ nonprofit / also in media/comms 3. Undergrad in Political Science and a minor in Bioethics. would love to do more, but not there yet. 4. Lib Left 5. In honor of your Marianne Williamson propic, Aquarius
  3. NEED to know who the VPs were.
  4. I don't disagree. I grew up in the Boston area until I was 18, and I don't think of it as more racist than other cities I've been to / learned about, but it has its own brand of racism (hate using this phrase) that's not quite like anywhere else. Kind of like how Manhattan racism is different than Queens racism in NYC.
  5. Because Boston has had a pretty racist history, and so a non-white (and non-male) mayor would be a pretty big step for the city.
  6. I was thinking about this with this Atlantic article that came out today: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/08/how-biden-loses/615835/ There are so many people who completely agree with the protests, are sick and tired of not being heard by politicians, and have seen "peaceful" protests fail (and still be painted as violent affairs) that they're desensitized to fires and violence. Obviously Biden can't endorse violent riots for many reasons, but any advice telling him or Harris or other people to turn their back on this large group of protesters and supporters of protesters i
  7. I agree with the take that Jill Biden's speech was better than Kasich's, but I understand the inclusion of his here. I will say the one major notable absence for me was Brayden, the 13 year old who bravely talked about his stutter. That moment did more to make Biden sympathetic for those neutral/against him than anything else, and nobody could watch and not feel something or at very least acknowledge the bravery.
  8. The only new discussion I brought in is that Intersex is now being used (by actual people who are Intersex) and that the term 'hermaphrodite,' at least for human identity, is outdated and often considered offensive. Your insistence on continuing to use it seems like a fixation to me. You're right about defining sex being an issue that is nebulous and hard to pin down... which is why it's strange to me that you're insisting on trying to draw out this discussion and, in turn, minimizing certain biological characteristics and occurrences because they don't match your point that seeks to uphold
  9. At what point did I imply any of this was new? Part of what I was saying is that Intersex people have always existed. Again, a guess isn't an argument, it's an admittance of your own biases. You're right, however, most of the biases of anti-transgender arguments tend to stem from the flawed understanding of biological sex that most people have, which is why I brought this topic in. It is, of course, but I get what admin_270 is trying to say, in that the debate aspect of it does usually get distilled down into some more jarring/challenging scenarios (like public bathroom
  10. 100% agree on this. Banning conversion therapy for minors has to be a top legislative priority, and abusive conversion therapy is allowed still in far too many US states. I also agree RE conventional counseling, and I have advised parents with children exploring gender identity to pursue this if they have the means. In my experience, you can usually tell when someone who is actually LGBTQ (or a person of color/other marginalized identity in regards to other policies) has been consulted and involved and when it is a (maybe/maybe not) well-meaning person who is trying to be inclusive but
  11. "Doesn't seem" isn't really a counterpoint, it's an admittance of bias. "Unclear classification"-- Intersex. "Small minority"-- upwards of 1.7% of the world's population (estimated in 2000.) "Mixed characteristics" that don't adhere to the traditional belief in 2 sexes. I get what you mean here, and know that this is a debate in the scientific community and even within Intersex communities. Chromosomal differences don't necessarily lead to phenotypes that lead to forced surgeries for physical abnormalities for Intersex people, which is where some people draw the line i
  12. I'm late to this post, but as someone on this forum who identifies as Nonbinary and uses They/Them pronouns (as well as someone who works with LGBTQ) causes I just wanted to chime in with a few stray thoughts. First, many women's groups (and groups focused on other marginalized communities) are trying to step up and be more inclusive of people who aren't cisgender (people whose gender identity aligns with the sex they were assigned at birth) and may be a bit clunky with it without consultation. It's ultimately a good thing, but it does sometimes create some confusion if not explained well
  13. Veganism is a weird example to use because there ARE people who are vegans in modern times...
  14. I think there could *technically* be a local / hot seat multiplayer, just by assigning more than one candidate as "Human" and then passing a computer back and forth. If only any of my friends ever wanted to play with me lol
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