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  1. But he's better than Dolard, let's be honest.
  2. Old, yes; unhealthy, no. Given how fast he recovered, I don't think he contracted CoViD at all - he just said he did to get a little sympathy!
  3. Don't be so sure. I imagine he's had enough of the admin's attitude and behaviour.
  4. With so much on the line, there's no time for jokes.
  5. Well of course it is! It's rigged in favour of a duopoly! That's what Pat always says!
  6. Sure they do, they can just override them!
  7. Are you surprised? He's trying to become a DICTATOR!
  8. If that happens, there won't BE any future elections, because they'll be abolished!
  9. That just handicaps everyone, including himself!
  10. This is still a terrible idea - who's going to have ANY opinion on it during the 2019 portion of the scenario? Seriously!
  11. I believe I've made myself clear. If someone wants to interpret the Constitution as written, they would be following the liberal principles the United States was built on.
  12. Ha! An originalist would be more liberal! Isn't that what the United States was built on, liberal principles?
  13. Well we will one day or another.
  14. Aha! You thought I'd pick that last one for #4? The joke's on you!
  15. If Democrats lose, they'll be the first to be banned, along with the rest of the parties. That's how a dictatorship works!
  16. Okay, all bets are off! So assuming he wins, he'll get to blow his nose on the Constitution and become an American dictator! I suppose that prospect pleases you?
  17. My God, it's the Nuremburg rally all over again.
  18. Oh yeah, that reminds me - TAKE THAT AUTISM COMMENT BACK, YOU ABLEIST DICK!
  19. The only way we can change that, of course, is a hard coup.
  20. Don't you understand? We're fighting for our lives and freedom like never before, and I'm buggered if some little idiot is going to bring it crashing down because they wanted to be funny. I'm boycotting all 270soft products, effective immediately.
  21. This is bullshit! You're throwing him out for speaking the truth AGAIN! This time, we REVOLT!!
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