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  1. Good grief, history keeps repeating itself.
  2. Well, great. I can hardly wait for the coming civil war!!!
  3. Then all hope is truly lost. A dictatorship is practically guaranteed. I suppose that prospect pleases you?!
  4. Just confirms my theory, really, that he did a Norsefire and engineered CoViD to secure his re-election.
  5. I'd prefer if there was like an NHS. Most of the rest of the world has universal healthcare, why not the US?
  6. Well technically that's occult, so no.
  7. I believe it, given how far down the can we've gone since the day this book was published.
  8. I think he's parodying all that clickbait AAA-video-game ephemera you sometimes see.
  9. Well... just because it's fiction, doesn't mean it can't come true one day!
  10. All I know is their handle is "Sideways".
  11. Not really. "Our Climate Crisis Century" projects that either China or India will start it by 2060.
  12. So basically, if China and/or Russia take over, WWIII is unavoidable.
  13. Oh, that'd be a relief in comparison.
  14. Let's be honest, the first one was so chaotic that this measure was necessary.
  15. They wouldn't dream of it - unless they were being paid enough.
  16. I'm still afraid he would try to fire nukes if he felt he was going to lose.
  17. It doesn't matter anyway, not if he can overturn the results whatever.
  18. This is probably going to be a precursor to a repeat of 11/13, isn't it?
  19. Thanks for the optimism...!
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