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  1. Because all you want to do is control us. To have us at your beck and call! You know what, you're worse than Trump. Because you... you're not even honest with yourself.
  2. You're right, it's not worth it! You're just as much of an uninformed, incoherent attention-seeker as Trump is!
  3. You see, only a FASCIST would pin this kind of problem on the good guys!
  4. Well maybe if you didn't SCREW THEM OVER first, they would be fine with you!!
  5. No Pundit, there is only one person who continually trashes other posters day after day: YOU. You have one shallow opinion - HEIL DOLARD and no other. The admin continues to let you post because maybe it makes a controversial forum. It doesn't. You are dangerous!
  6. Don't you dare pin that on them! Don't you DARE!!
  7. That's because they're disillusioned and don't know any better! Either that, or the voting is rigged to his favour. Honestly, it was like this when Mussolini became PM of Italy, and look what happened then!
  8. Amazingly, you must be out of your mind!
  9. Wiw

    If Polls are off

    Um, how do they know that, if they haven't even counted the ballots yet?
  10. Huh.... I guess I never thought of it like that.
  11. I'd have considered it fairly obvious.
  12. I knew it... wrong man for the job. The two candidates are both the wrong men for the job!
  13. To be fair, most Democrats have access to the internet anyway.
  14. Well that's just great - what next, Capitol Hill catches fire? An Enabling Act?
  15. Rgh... can't argue with that...
  16. You said yourself, you'd support someone who does!
  17. ...you are so pro-hunter and I have zero sympathy for you.
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