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  1. Well that's a lie for a start, considering he tried to stop the election from taking place at all.
  2. Thank goodness you told us that vital information.
  3. In other words, a war between France and Turkey is now unavoidable.
  4. Wiw

    Dystopia Poll

    Besides this one?
  5. Well, Hitler seized power off the back of the Great Depression, right? The same applies here. On top of that, social media has caused more and bloodier wars than even print has. And, like I say, populism turns into fascism in the end.
  6. I'd say it was in his actions.
  7. See, he's doing this deliberately!
  8. Wait, who are we even referring to?
  9. Bet he's done it deliberately, just to annoy everyone.
  10. They're right, they don't lie, they never have.
  11. Why do I have to do it!? You just have to listen to his racist and misogynistic comments, his desire to bring war to his enemies, his refutation of climate change AND CoViD!
  12. Oh, like Hitler was the greatest politician in German history?!
  13. I hate to say this but you may be right. What we've been doing all along has been for nothing.
  14. That's my point, he might not have survived it.
  15. How could he, there was a pandemic on!
  16. Believe me, if I had it, I'd use all my power to keep something like that from happening.
  17. Wiw

    We are at war.

    Damn, I forgot! Well... I guess factor in the Cold War, it'll have to do.
  18. Wiw

    We are at war.

    Obviously World Wars I and II.
  19. Wiw

    We are at war.

    Words that I prayed would never be spoken on a forum like this. But for the third time in a century, we regretfully must take up arms to defend the ideals that we hold most precious in our hearts. The road we must travel will be long. It will not be easy. But it is a path we must take for the alternative is for our forum to be enslaved by an ideal that subjugates the human will to be free. Our plan for this war is simple and direct: WE WIN. THEY LOSE. Victory is the only option for a free people. We did not ask nor want for this war, but as I speak we are joined in battle against a ruthless government and its sympathizers who see the world as theirs to dominate. The free world answers with clear resistance and resolve across the board.
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