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  1. I see it the opposite way. If you have to complain to a God, there IS no God!
  2. Well, we're not ableist.
  3. Well that's a lie for a start, considering he tried to stop the election from taking place at all.
  4. Thank goodness you told us that vital information.
  5. In other words, a war between France and Turkey is now unavoidable.
  6. Well, Hitler seized power off the back of the Great Depression, right? The same applies here. On top of that, social media has caused more and bloodier wars than even print has. And, like I say, populism turns into fascism in the end.
  7. See, he's doing this deliberately!
  8. Wait, who are we even referring to?
  9. Bet he's done it deliberately, just to annoy everyone.
  10. They're right, they don't lie, they never have.
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