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  1. Again, I don't like the look of it. Trump only needs to overturn ONE of those blue states to steal the win away from Biden. How many Justices will he bribe to get that going?
  2. Wiw

    Election day!

    Just give it up, will you?
  3. Wiw

    Election day!

    Bet it was planted there by one of Trump's lackeys.
  4. Wiw

    Election day!

    At least we agree on something.
  5. Wiw

    Election day!

    If this stalemate isn't resolved quickly, it may last a while.
  6. Wiw

    Election day!

    Seems an awful waste of time, really.
  7. Wiw

    Election day!

    I don't like it - Trump can still overturn some other state and take that last point away from him.
  8. Wiw

    Election day!

    It could take that long.
  9. Wiw

    Election day!

    What do you mean, the full results haven't come out yet! Besides, he has a lead in PA, MI, NC and GA.
  10. Wiw

    Election day!

    There's nearly 13,000,000 people in Pennsylvania, it's going to take a while to count all their votes!
  11. Wiw

    Next update

    You're asking me?
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