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  1. Gabby Giffords... I think she would have been an excellent President. Alas, it wasn't meant to be...
  2. Don't forget Kwanzaa, which a disturbingly high amount of (non-black) people I've talked to recently thought was a Jewish holiday
  3. Who would guess that the Democratic party would try to stop an independent who joined the party right before running from winning the nomination from one of the most prominent Democratic political figures of the past quarter-century? This is disgusting, though. The CDC should not be censored.
  4. what is this i don't even Pretty sure there hasn't been a liberal Republican in the US since January 26, 1979...
  5. Agree Agree, especially with the part I bolded Yep. I used to be a Franken 2020 guy, now I hope Kamala Harris and Tammy Baldwin beat Trump and Pence in 2020. Not only would a Harris/Baldwin administration be competent and respectable, but there would be something extremely satisfying about Trump being replaced by a (relatively) young, progressive, African/Indian-American woman from California, and Mike "I call my wife 'mother' and don't like gay people" Pence being replaced by the first open lesbian to be elected to the US Senate. Sherrod Brown is extremely bland and unexciting to me, and he might lose in 2018, though it looks like the midterms will be a wave of at least 2014 proportions, possibly even reaching 2010 heights, (except for the Democrats rather than Republicans), in which case I'd expect he'd win. I'd still vote for him in the 2020 general if he was the nominee; the Democrats could nominate the long-decayed corpse of the goldfish I had when I was 5 (his name was Zachary) and I'd vote for him over Donald Trump. I'd just hope the Dems nominate someone actually exciting for which I can cast my first Presidential ballot.
  6. Having, say, Kendrick Lamar report vote totals should totally be a thing on 11/3/2020
  7. Right now, there's the option to have the states report their popular vote results as they come in (every x minutes), or to just report it when 100% of the vote is totaled. The time when each state hits 100% is set, however. I don't see why there couldn't be an option to do what I'm suggesting. It doesn't have to replace the current system, but I'd love to have the option of dynamic reporting. (also the popular vote totals should report more consistently with how they actually do. I played Trump v. Sanders today in PI and Trump was down 4 points in FL with 89% of the vote in, then wins the state by 5% 10 in-game minutes later)
  8. I've always thought that PI's election night simulation was rather bland and lacking in real suspense. Today, I played President Elect '88 for the first time and while PI is obviously better as an election simulator (I managed to lose as Reagan to Geraldine Ferraro in 1984), their election night simulation is much, much, much better. It dynamically calls states when there's enough vote to do so, like in real life, rather than calling them all at a set time like in PI. Also it alerts you when a state is called, which seems like a no-brainer but is not in PI. @admin_270 do you have any plans to implement any election night improvements in PI? I'm sure if a 30 year old game can do this, game engines in 2017 are more than capable of modelling a proper election night.
  9. His vision for America was incredible (CRA, VRA, Medicare, Medicaid, man on the moon etc.), even if his death and the subsequent Johnson Administration (and LBJ's superior political skills) were needed to get all of it passed. I rated them entirely based on how I'm feeling at the moment about each of them with literally no scientific method for choosing where they were in particular. It's not totally subjective though; I abhor Thomas Jefferson as a human being but he's an objectively good President so I rated him at the bottom of the great Presidents. Conversely, I love Jimmy Carter with every fiber of my being but he was objectively a failure as President, which is why I can't in good conscious put him any higher than 13.
  10. No. Here's how I'd personally rank them if Trump's presidency ended today. (1-9 = great Presidents, 10-17 = decent Presidents, 18-28 = mediocre Presidents, 29-38 = poor Presidents, 39-44 = worst of the worst) JFK FDR Washington Lincoln Teddy Roosevelt Obama Eisenhower Truman LBJ Monroe Madison Jefferson Carter Cleveland B. Harrison Hayes GHW Bush JQ Adams John Adams Van Buren Polk Garfield McKinley Ford Fillmore WH Harrison CA Arthur Coolidge Harding Tyler Grant Taft Clinton (wish I could say "which one?") Reagan Wilson Dubya Bush Taylor Pierce Andrew Johnson Trump Hoover Jackson Buchanan Nixon I think President Hillary D. R. Clinton would be between Cleveland and B. Harrison.
  11. I was Charles Evans Hughes and John J. Pershing vs. Cox/Roosevelt in 1920 and somehow the Democrats won every single state. In the popular vote, I came in third, behind Debs. I suspect it was a bug of some kind.
  12. What happened to Andy Harris (MD-1, oust him and I will love you for eternity) and Warren Davidson (OH-8, he was on NPR this morning bashing consumer protection law, Richard Cordray, and the CFPB)? Please say they both lost...
  13. I thought you meant this town at first I'm still on team Ferraro, but I'll support the Democratic nominee, methinks.
  14. Seems reasonable. She'd be a solid VP pick for a liberal from a blue state (e.g. John Kerry) to balance out a ticket.
  15. What about Mary Landrieu in 2004, 2008, 2012, and possibly 2016?
  16. Far right: remove all restrictions on how much money corporations can give to political candidates Center-left: overturn Citizen's United, but don't adopt Montana's Corrupt Practices Law nationwide
  17. Oh my god... Can confirm they sell it here in Maryland.
  18. OH MY... I love Al Gore, but not that much...
  19. Being born rich and getting a "small loan of a million dollars" from daddy, financially ruining an entire American city, having two (and counting) failed marriages, and stiffing people who work for you does not meet my, nor, I would hope, most people's, standard of success. I bet Trump wishes he was worth $10 billion too (he said he was when he launched his campaign, yet he valued his last name at $3 billion, and has said that his net worth fluctuates based on his mood, so this was not remotely reliable). Forbes rates him at $3.1 billion, which is down $600 million since his election. I think Trump should be in '88 too. I think Obama in '04 should have an experience of 1. Add Palin in 2012 if she's not there already. Add a bunch of Democrats to 2012 for scenarios where Obama doesn't run for reelection/McCain wins in '08. Otherwise, good ideas.
  20. This would be cool. What do you think about Torres @NYrepublican (also those obviously aren't photos of Jones and Torres in the 2050's and 60's, I assume they'll age at some point in the next half-century)
  21. @Reagan04 I'm using a picture of Mike Rogers (R-AL, 3rd district) for you in the Presidential gallery. If you have a different photo you'd like, let me know.
  22. Epilogue, Part Four: Beyond Bennett (this is so far into the future that I really can only speculate on what the policy issues of the day were. Thus, I'll be general.) Vice President Fischer and his running mate, Michigan Governor Jewell Jones, easily won the 2044 Presidential election against Sen. Tagg Romney and Gov. George P. Bush. His administration was successful in reinforcing the progressive policies of President Bennett and introducing a few on his own. He emphasized nuclear disarmament, environmental conservation, and fiscal responsibility. In 2048, America hadn't had a conservative President since 2021 (1989 if you don't consider President LePage conservative). Fischer was popular, but America was ready for a change. Fischer netted 42% of the vote, paleoconservative Alabama Senator Jacob Taylor got 37%, and moderate Sen. Mia Love ran an independent bid, getting 21% of the vote. Taylor narrowly won the Electoral College, however, as centrists left Fischer for Love, which caused a lot of vote splitting in what had previously been solidly Democratic states. Taylor was not terribly popular, and there were mass demonstrations from minority groups across the nation for the entirety of his term. He was not able to get much passed through Congress, choosing instead to rule by executive order. Republicans lost big in the midterms, rendering him a lame duck for the rest of his term. Fischer/Jones came back and handily beat Taylor and his running mate, VP Bob Dole. Their second term was mildly popular, enough for Jones to win two terms of his own afterwards. So I guess that's it. FIN
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