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  1. I'm working on an alternate history 1984 election where Ted Kennedy absolutely crushes either Gerald Ford or Ronald Reagan in the general (not sure which, as I'm currently playing the campaign and they're neck and neck with Iowa only weeks away). I managed to overcome the massive scandal-campaign collapse Kennedy got IRL (I somehow managed to spin the super harmful scandal into a positive and had it running at +2 and then +3 for a week). I was wondering, are there any existing 1984 scenarios that I can base this on? I'm going to have the country have moved to the left since then (wit
  2. In this next campaign, I played as though Obama had been able to run for a third term and he completely crushed Trump. I think the game lets you capitalize on scandals and such against opposing candidates more than you would IRL, because I was against able to take Texas without that much effort. I also noticed that Johnson (who won New Mexico in my last game) got over 20% of the vote this time around while he only got 9.3% in reality this election. The difficult part of winning these results were getting Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Every time I had the option, I'd put
  3. I decided to take up a game beginning in August as Clinton, refocused my platform to be more about the issues (like healthcare) and attacking Trump's leadership. I campaigned heavily in the Midwest (which some say Clinton didn't do enough of in reality, leading to her doing poorly there and ultimately costing her the election). Also, I generated a high damage scandal against Trump in late September, which barely hurt his poll numbers nationally (due to his good momentum in swing states), but dropped him by about 10 points in Texas, putting us neck and neck there until election night (where he
  4. Ha, I can't believe I voted for Bob Dole based purely off of experience. Great poll.
  5. I just sunk hours upon hours into a Nikki Haley + Peter King campaign and successfully muscled out every other competitor before a popup said that the game had to autosave and then that there wasn't enough memory to save. It was frozen and when I opened it back up it said "List index out of bounds (0) but all of the info is still in the save folder. I looked it up and apparently it's been a problem for this game for years. Does anybody know of any fix? I really don't want to lose this game (I've attempted the same setup multiple times and this is the first time I've been successful
  6. Similar to this thread, I had an issue at the Republican Convention. I was playing Nikki Haley and had ~950 electors, with Jeb Bush in second place with only 430. Bobby Jindal, with under 100 electors, received every single dropout candidate except for three. Cruz got one with about 100 and Jeb got two around 100*. Jindal's lead gave him just under enough to get the nomination. With ~950, I ended up in third place and was voted out despite having normal relations with everybody. I think there's something in the code that favors Jindal over all others. I can see no other
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