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  1. Anne McLellan - Texas Paul Martin- Michigan Jean Chretien- Vermont Stephen Harper- Montana Stockwell Day- Utah Jack Layton- Massachusetts Bill Blaikie- Arizona Belinda Stronach- New York Peter MacKay- Oregon Joe Clark- Maine
  2. Maybe another small billionaire, maybe Chuck Hagel starts a party like Perot after a strong showing in 2008...
  3. Yeah. You might even want to add a party that is like the anti-civil rights parties of the 60s/70s that is absolutly against immigration, containing crazies like Tom Tancredo.
  4. I've been asking the same question, Sven. (BTW- Hows the world government scenario doing?)
  5. Is there any way to pay for it with a debit card, and not a credit card?
  6. Happpy (belated) one year anniversery!! This was the first topic ever!!
  7. Schmuck, What does that have to do with 80soft? It has more to do with Invision Power Board making an error. It probably should be 44.
  8. Hey Anthony, Sorry to post this again, but can we get a new moderator? Our current moderators (Aristotle, MattyN) haven't been active at all this year. Just curious. And one more thing. I just got my new computer, but the e-mail doesn't work. Can you PM me the link to download PM Forever?
  9. I have two questions: 1. Can we have a new moderator? 2. Can we ban YoungCTrep?
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