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  1. Maybe another small billionaire, maybe Chuck Hagel starts a party like Perot after a strong showing in 2008...
  2. Yeah. You might even want to add a party that is like the anti-civil rights parties of the 60s/70s that is absolutly against immigration, containing crazies like Tom Tancredo.
  3. 49.2% Powell 48.8% Sharpton 2% Badnarik I campaigned in DC around thirty times with Powell and Cheney.
  4. My best score ever (I am Powell): http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs21&d=05125&f=absolute.png P.S.- What does "Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed" mean? I can't post images any more!
  5. Sorry I haven't sent them out. I've been on my work computer (it's not on that one). I'll send them out when I have the chance (it's on their website).
  6. Also, I am removing Shaka Fattah and Henry Haller because they have no interest in running.
  7. I am removing Mac McCawley, as he has dropped out and deleted his campaign site. I might add Pat Toomey in his honor ( sarcasm ), though.
  8. Thanks Hardright and Swing! I will post a map of it soon, and I am changing the electoral vote numbers to 11 per region, but 12 for Philadelphia. I am now able to make scenarios faster because I got a new computer with Windows XP (instead of Windows 95 ).
  9. I am making a Pennsylvania 2006: Rendell vs. Swann. Details: Republicans: Mr. Lynn Swann Lt. Governor Bill Scranton III State Sen. Jeff Piccola Senator Arlen Specter Senator Rick Santorum Rep. Phil English Mr. Scott Reese (my dad ) Rep. Charlie Dent Democrats: Governor Ed Rendell State Rep. T.J Rooney State Treasurer Robert Casey Congressman Joe Hoeffel Auditor General Jack Wagner Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll Dr. Bill Cosby Mayor John Street Mayor Tom Murphy State Rep. Jim Casorio Constitution Party (sadly a strong third party in PA): Mr. Jim Clymer Libertarians:
  10. 1. More then four candidates 2. More colors. 3. VP Debates 4. Terror Alert Level 5. Recount
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