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  1. Has ranked choice voting helped third parties in foreign countries? I don't see that it worked in Australia. If I had a choice for the US I'd rather the presidential election be a runoff, at least then people can vote freely in the first round. It's clearly worked in France where the main two parties have been left out of the runoff countless times.
  2. We've been waiting for runoffs since Anthony announced France 2017 and the PV general option. I am not even asking for runoffs but I have had enough of playing state elections and having to make a separate scenario for the primary or dealing with the delegate system, it's getting frustrating, you don't even need it to look fancy, just make it tell us the results after the turn is over. If you wanna build on that do it at a later point.
  3. The one thing Democrats should be praying for is that Trump doesn't drop out, cause he could at any moment, cite something like health and endorse a candidate and then all of Trump's support and none of Trump's hate (well maybe a little of the partisan hate) will transfer to that candidate, Biden is disliked pretty widely as proven by the polls, in Florida, 52% (a majority) of people are only voting Biden to oust Trump, 23% are voting cause theyre Democrat and the other is multiple reasons. It's pretty obvious the Democrats are happy with Trump being in the running right now. If I'm Trump
  4. Becoming the most progressive base in the US since 2016, overwhelmingly won by progressive politicians in 2018 and 2020 and in TX, they were some of the only Democratic seats where incumbents were primaried and nearly lost on a lot of occasions, (Laredo an example) I'd argue it was a stupid move if it was to build support but if he wants to build towards sweeping campaign promises why not? In the 2020 senate primary, Sema Hernandez, a self-described socialist, pounced with Hispanics, same with the 2018 one, Hispanics were the only crowd to overwhelmingly reject Beto, if he was better with
  5. It stifles state elections and foreign elections e.g. French Presidential Primaries.
  6. Lol I wouldn't worry about the Libertarians, they're such jokes that Vermin Supreme won multiple primaries.
  7. wolves


    Main issue isn't ballot access, you can file to be on a ballot in a state ingame, it's the polling data, zero is out yet on him aside from one in 2015 saying 8% of people would vote for him which is irrelevant now. We'll have to wait until the next YouGov poll...
  8. And now we have Ann Coulter apparently becoming a favorite of every liberal blue check twitter activist, oh, and don't forget the Lincoln Project, proudly brought to you by the people that wrote the article "I would have shot Michael Brown in the face" and retweeted by your favorite #resist account SingleBlueWave2020Mom
  9. It's not even that he won't, he doesn't have to, well, he wouldn't have to. If this was a normal election year he would be winning cause I'm sure he would be on the campaign trail and beating Biden in terms of his rallying and local attempts to drive support but this isn't a normal year.
  10. Didn't he just announce an expansion to DACA recipients? Seems like a ploy to get more votes, well not really a ploy, cause it will help a lot of people but y'know. The best thing Trump can do now is stop listening to Mitch and all his buddies and just go with whatever is popular in the polls in future EO's until the election and hope that shifts something.
  11. yeah he does actually he has an entire album that is just a choir signing hymns
  12. He makes exclusively gospel music now.
  13. Johnson and Stein were protest votes on completely different ends of the spectrum, Johnson grew never-Trump republicans and moderate independents, Stein drew progressives. No one is going to look at Kanye West's policies, it's pointless for him to have any, they're just going to think "hahaha this will show them" His voterbase will be exclusively democratic too, can't see the cult of trump deviating. Depends on an october surprise or something tbh, I expect one to come from Biden's end, 5.5% and federal funding for his next run is what I see.
  14. Interview today he tackled the issue of FEC filing and ballot access, said he's going to make an argument based on COVID-19 for filing and is talking to lawyers about it now, he also said he's serious, picked a running mate and outlined a few policies and said that he wasn't surprised people see him as a political novice cause he "knows he is". He also said he is doing this to win but he will make a final choice in 30 days, presumably after seeing how the FEC reacts to his request to file late cause of COVID-19. https://www.forbes.com/sites/randalllane/2020/07/08/kanye-west-says-hes-done-
  15. Turns out that England has been in the hands of the Conservative party for a decade. One could argue thats due to the SNP. Scotland is more left than the rest of the country, they lost Scotland as soon as Blair got unpopular.
  16. Also the meltdown over this on social media is absolutely hilarious. To think so little of your candidate that you're worried of Kanye Omari West, a bipolar person who can't go five minutes without saying something like "black people's fault they were enslaved" is going to drain votes.
  17. It's his next album lol, I was mentioning it to someone who I assume knows so I figured he'd get it.
  18. He denounced Trump a while back, he apparently threw away all the hats too and was secretly donating to Democratic party officials and campaigns during that entire time. People close to his camp said in interviews stuff like he just wanted to help Alice Marie Johnson and to bring up the issues in Chicago to Trump. He just marched in South Side Chicago with BLM and helped pay for George Floyd's funeral and gave his family money. He's pretty opposite to Trump in every way politically, supports M4A, gun control, progressive tax reform, etc. I doubt it'd drain Biden votes or Trump votes, Kan
  19. The question is does he really have to work hard? In states like Florida and Texas, he would need to procure 130,000 signed petitions in two weeks. That is most definitely difficult but he has the name recognition and money to set people up to go house to house. After that, he has about a month to get the required minimum in other states. He just became a billionaire a month ago, he'd add to the list of people who want to "make a change" and take advantage with their money. On filing FEC, yeah I noticed that too, I don't know how hard it is to file with the FEC but if nothing comes up in
  20. That's a dream scenario for the GOP, a midwest politician who is anti-abortion, pro religious, anti-gay and extremely popular among base, has like zero bad past cause he was such a lame person in his past. Polls would shift insanely towards Pence too cause the effect of Trump being counted out, independents would sway like if a candidate is shot or harmed.
  21. totally lol why would you ever count out an incumbent
  22. 1. How am I going to answer this? I was born late 1990s so I couldn't really offer an opinion on anyone. Clinton was technically president while I was alive but I do not remember him (obviously.) I would put forward Clinton in terms of economic growth but he was also a complete creep, thrived more on charismatic and a surging internet bubble than anything so I'll say Obama just because that is probably the best president I remember. I do not like him but he is the best in my lifetime that impacted anything I lived through. 2. George Bush and I will scream that from the roof tops until the
  23. I always thought he would hit positives in his approval rating once in his presidency. I think if this continues, we'll see him hit 50%. Cuomo is the only thing standing in his way gobbling up headlines making him look bad, other than that, the dems look pathetic while the GOP look like the good guys, "helping" workers, helping families, oh look let's save the economy. Americans are too brainwashed to think lockdown is good, they think the stock markets and economy is everything and they also like states rights. If this coronavirus thing persists until August, then I estimate Trump wins P
  24. Hm. I see what youre saying. I guess I'd just prefer that people feel inspired to watch, especially as this is just an important primary
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