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  1. I didn't think about the Dem infighting, very, very interesting angle to tackle.
  2. I wouldn't know as I didn't attend school in the US but I wouldn't imagine it'd be left out if you're learning about the Republican party's shift towards the right and post-civil rights attitudes towards black people.
  3. So basically, looking at Ford and Carter aren't in the history books because of the president before them + the president after them. I don't believe Obama was THAT impactful (in a Reagan, Nixon way) that it would discredit Trump from ever being in the history books because he will just be seen as the guy that coasted off Obama and I don't know if Biden is going to be a new FDR/Reagan, the jury is obviously going to be out on that. I think another thing that will be in the history books for Trump is the era he created. Turbulent presidency where he shifted his party towards the right, Bar
  4. Does possibly starting the next Cold War count?
  5. Jones only won cause about 12k people wrote in a name other than Moore. Jones has done enough to mount a somewhat competitive campaign for a Democrat and I think it will be a good fight but I don't think it'll ever be a true toss-up. Yuck Auburn.
  6. What were we expecting really, he can't be on the ballot in some states, a few of them significant for a presidential win, try his luck later, maybe run for office in a different setting.
  7. Yes. I remember reading I believe a YouGov poll that had Biden up 6+. It said a majority of voters were supporting Biden only to beat Trump. I would imagine it is similar in other swing states.
  8. Apparently they got the required signatures in Florida but they were basically shut down by FEC rules. I don't know why you'd try to run this year anyway, if he wants a real chance 2024 is where it is at.
  9. You're right, I think I'm more or less trying to figure out how the GOP recovers from Trump's impact. A lot of the "future" leaders in the party e.g. your Marco Rubio's and your Tom Cotton's are all firmly in his corner. If the electorate truly has a short memory it shouldn't be an issue, unless after Trump leaves office they pass his mantle.
  10. I'm gonna be completely honest with you. Rioting is the wrong thing to do always but what reason are they given to stop? A month's worth of protesting and rioting led to reforms that people have been trying to enact democratically through voting and polite activism since the era of the Black Panthers in the 1960s. If protesting and rioting FINALLY ends qualified immunity, why stop? Maybe politicians should begin to listen to voters instead of assume their constituents automatically agree with them - they don't, you are just the only blue with a D next to his name on the ticket. These people ar
  11. They don't even commit more crimes, at least the ones they're usually thrown in prison for, black drug possession rate is equal to white possession rate, black people just get prosecuted more. It's an unfair system and honestly if you can see stop-and-frisk was clearly a thing and you want to deny racism exists then you're just blinded.
  12. I agree but I do think the GOP will have to start playing in the Democrats court within the next 10 years, like how it was before Reagan.
  13. Just a question. If Trump loses in this election, the next time the GOP will probably have a good chance is 2028, I believe Biden as an incumbent wouldn't fall as hard in the polls as Trump is, probably would be even if not ahead. With Gen Z's majority reaching the voting age by 2028 (and a lot by 2024), the generation clearly being the most left ever, the most diverse and most tolerant, Trump's style of politics definitely wouldn't survive into the upcoming era. The question is, has the GOP damaged itself too much to reshape into appealing to these future generations? States li
  14. Yesterday through CNN, also I said Nate Cohen, I mixed Nate Silver and for some reason thought Harry Enten's last name was Cohen. Anyway. I had a skim through it and am remembering it wrong, I still think it's right that Trump just needs to work on specific states to win (yay electoral college...) and he is in the margin of error in a lot of these states. He needs to get COVID-19 under control before he can even think of doing that though.
  15. I do believe 538 did a piece (or Nate Cohen at least) that said that Trump is technically still polling within the MoE in the states he needs.
  16. Also on the topic of tearing down statues and renaming US Army bases, who cares about confederate generals, tear them down, if you care about the architectural integrity, throw it in a musuem. On US Army bases, what is the issue with renaming bases named after traitor loser generals into ones named after actual American heroes, medal of honor recipients or people who furthered the country you live in instead of tried to hold it back, would you love it if Westpoint was still called Fort Benedict Arnold?
  17. As soon as LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968 that's when he clapped his hands and said "Okay that's all I'm gonna do for them negros." He was a notoriously racist president which people refuse to remember. The Great Society helped illiterate people in rural Texas more than it did black people in urban centers, though I will admit it did help a lot of Mexican-Americans.
  18. Lol you mean laws like the 1994 Crime Bill which was literally enacted after the legislators were made well-aware that it would disproportionally affect african-americans? Of course no laws exist that discriminate solely based on race, that ended in the 1960s with the Civil Rights act but theres still INSTITUTIONAL racism and SYSTEMATIC racism, black people being prosecuted for crimes that white people easily get away with, laws that the legislators KNOW will take black people off the streets instead of rehabilitating their community that are still pushed through, black people being 3.7 more l
  19. The issue is that is decided via census, it isn't an actual statistic taken so it is just what people believe they are. The issue is also that sadly, unlike the US where reservations exist, undisturbed from the federal government, following their own rules and practices and still celebrating their culture, this is mainly dead between aboriginals in Australia from a collection of disgusting laws such as stealing children from homes to forcefully integrate to pure massacre and annihilation. It is a sad story.
  20. Can you give a proper list right now of future additions by list of priority? Multiplayer sounds hefty and like it'll take a while to add. I would bundle PV for primaries with mail-in voting honestly, like I said it doesn't have to be flashy, no one wants that, they just want their primary election to be decided by the popular vote than the delegate count.
  21. I do not know how you could say American expansionism made the world better or colonialism as a whole, an entire race is nearly extinct and faced significant genocide. I'm sure the same people wouldn't say the same if their white race faced extinction and lost all its culture through forced integration from a power that doesn't even care about them and sees them as a bug. Native Americans got lucky that Americans wised up slightly, in many parts of the world colonialism has ended races, e.g. Aboriginals in Australia, it's very hard to find pure blood ones despite there being almost millio
  22. Easiest possible person to run against, a gaff machine, literally never seen him be "presidential" (whatever that means), if you ran against the tide of what the GOP wanted in 2016, the moderate POC's like Marco Rubio, Biden or Clinton would be in HUGE trouble lol.
  23. Maybe freedom was the wrong angle to tackle, I think runoffs are more advantageous to the third party in a system like the US has, where everything is partisan leaning and strategic voting is the name of the game. I doubt, even if the electoral system faced massive reform, that any party that isn't the GOP or the DNC would be kingmakers but I can say with confidence that the strategic voting of runoffs would benefit third parties more than ranked choice, people could see that no matter what it is going to be Trump v Biden in the runoff, so they instead vote for the Green party to push them for
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