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  1. This is the existential crisis the Democratic party will continue to put off until it is too late. The truth is that Joe Biden would enter the presidency whilst his party faces a situation of infighting, even if it's not public, it is obvious for everyone to see. Sanders, AOC and in some cases Elizabeth Warren endorsing candidates like Jamaal Bowman over long-time incumbents like Elliot Engel that have public endorsements from Pelosi, Schumer and other Democratic leaders is not a good look for the Democratic party at ALL. I believe Joe Biden is to be trusted by the left, just cause he has
  2. wolves

    Georgia 5th

    Twas' what I was thinking. Abrams could finally get that elected positions in government she wanted so bad, good for her!
  3. Tom Cotton most definitely won't be the nominee, the party will coalesce around someone with bipartisan and independent support. I believe DeSantis approval will recover following the COVID-19 health crisis as he improves the economy in Florida. He would be one of the most popular governors in the USA right now if not for COVID-19 which has really made him look a fool. He would run away with the nomination if given the chance. I think in terms of outside support, maybe Charlie Baker or Larry Hogan? Both will be at a decent age and are very popular in Democratic states and are moderates th
  4. Trump didn't necessarily fail to mitigate a civil war out of being a coward, scared to speak against Southern tensions and therefore purposely supported slavery and tried to strengthen the South to make them feel better. Trump didn't come into office and lay the groundwork for the prison crisis we face today and completely erase the legacy of his predecessor, who he was vice-president to. I feel like Trump as a president has been nothing but a dog that has a very loud bark throughout his entire presidency. I don't know anything he has done that the others haven't aside from the way he sp
  5. I think every president uses secret police, you know, considering they've been spying on us since 2001.
  6. Paul makes a campaign stop in New Hampshire, seeks to gauge local support Senator Rand Paul has made a campaign stop today in New Hampshire as his exploratory committee is still making a decision on a potential presidential run. The rally, held in Manchester, New Hampshire in a conventional hall, was a rousing success with a good turnout, succeeding Paul's expectations. The focus of the rally, which was on healthcare featured a long section of the speech being dedicated to drug abuse, something that is destroying otherwise suburban-middle class white New Hampshire households. Paul ma
  7. Incentivize Democratic voters cause they realize they will have to replace RBG now.
  8. Sadly. McConnell will hold that seat until he dies. I am going to say something very grim but thank god he's close.
  9. If Trump was thinking outside the box, he wouldn't be the puppet of the GOP leaders the past 4 years. I'm gonna be honest, I believe Trump understands nothing about the legislation that is put on his table, I believed then when I was a Trump supporter and I still do. He just tells Mitch and at the time Ryan "Yeah okay that seems cool do that." If he was TRULY thinking outside the box, he would throw a spanner right into the race and endorse a policy like marijuana legalization, sign EO's leading to gateways for it and put the Democratic Party on it's heels like he did with the stimulus bi
  10. Bush is so bad to me cause of his post-presidency impact, as in how we are now still playing in a field that he helped create, still dealing with problems he made in Afghanistan and Iraq, a border wall he poorly built so now each president (Obama and Trump included) need to find a way to fix it and also the kids in cages, Patriot Act that is STILL a hotbed political issue 19 years later, No Child Left Behind damaged a lot of children, CIA torture was authorized by him and he called it one of the most valuable tools of the War on Terror. I don't think Trump will have anything that signific
  11. Not even the worst president of the 2000s.
  12. I feel like if Bernie was the candidate, this would affect me more than Biden cause his support is driven by young people who I assume would show up in a GE more than a primary cause one is more publicized than the other? (i don't know any hard stats on that) I remember seeing in a lot of places mail-in ballots would benefit Biden, I think that is wrong, mail-in ballots probably would disenfranchise minorities and working class people a lot as they're a lot more busy and have more priorities than retired pensioners, they could end up forgetting entirely to mail their ballot in.
  13. My father-in-law joined the Navy in 1997 and he told me that every election year, sailors would come around asking people to register to vote and if they wanted to. They seem to take it very seriously.
  14. Same here, must be a commonwealth thing, you actually have to pay to be a member of a party here, only done that once before... in my shameful years when I was a member of UKIP ugh and it was very cheap cause I technically a student in 2015. I couldn't imagine paying £20-30 a year for membership to a party that votes on its leadership every 4 to 5 years. You only get to use your membership literally once every five years its a bit ridiculous
  15. The Courier-Journal: Rand Paul Town Hall today in Louisville ends with endorsement from father Ron Paul Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and father, Fmr. Representive Ron Paul at Townhall in Louisville, Kentucky By: Morgan Watkins A previously-scheduled Town Hall in the city of Louisville, Kentucky has faced a shake-up in the past few hours. Rand Paul, the junior Senator from Kentucky has announced via social media his plans to launch an exploratory committee on a possible run for United States president through both the Republican and Libertarian party's. A self-described "cons
  16. Do I PM you to request endorsements?
  17. He wanted to make the argument that he had COVID-19 so he couldnt file. I dont know if that worked but seems not.
  18. This was after the report... hmm.. that is mixed signals lol.
  19. He's dropped out but the fact he got on the ballot so quickly, let's be honest, is insane. He only dropped out cause he couldn't get on the ballot in Florida DESPITE collecting all the necessary signatures. It's sad really, I love myself a good wild horse third party candidate. Well, this should bode well for him in 2024 if he tries again, he knows he can get on the ballot easy.
  20. CNN: Rand Paul announces the formation of a exploratory committee for a possible presidential run Kentucky Senator Rand Paul today has launched an exploratory committee for a possible run for the nomination of both the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party in the upcoming presidential election. Rand launched a brand new website RandForAmerica.com alongside a tweet reading "Today I have launched an exploratory committee to seek both the @GOP and @LPNational nomination for president of the United States. I believe I am the best choice to bring unity and pride to this great nation", fol
  21. Actually would it be possible (like in real life) to run as say, Rand Paul and attempt to capture both the Rep AND Libertarian nomination?
  22. Lol. At least Trump gets a break from the headlines for a bit.
  23. A part of me is thinking he left WHO so he can push the vaccine out quickly without international approval. If the vaccine is ready by October and it works (which I highly doubt unless he skips a lot of steps, which sounds like him), that will tilt it in his favor as he effectively funded the entire program and delivered them the savior. That is the only thing he can do. He could also throw a gigantic wrench into the race in numerous ways that are popular (sadly all are opposed by the GOP establishment), marijuana legalization, ending qualified immunity, expansion on healthcare and medica
  24. Not a huge fan of Warren or Duckworth. You made a point about the LP polling very well and the GOP seems interesting, could I claim maybe DeSantis or Tim Scott? Whatever sounds more plausible to you. (also I've only done this one and at the time I took a long break from this website, do you run this by playing all the other "AI" candidates or what?)
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