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  1. It's 100 days out and what surprises me is that the GOP machine, typically a behemouth when it comes to characterizing an election, hasn't figured what to frame this one on yet. Immigration is unpopular, okay law and order? Well no that doesn't work, a majority of Americans disapprove with what is going on with the police, feds and BLM, so how about healthcare? Well we haven't really done much there either, same with the economy, it is in tatters cause of coronavirus which btw, Trump isn't doing a good job at. It'll be closer than 6% of course, probably around 3% by election day even if n
  2. Lots of Mexicans are as white as me due to Spaniard genes, thats a good way to represent your point lol.
  3. game is like cookie clicker, spam newspaper ads in states cause theyre cheap + you can make like 60 of them and run them at once and you only lose like 2M if its expensive like Florida.
  4. Not really racist cause we don't know his skin tone, maybe white washing by the church, yeah, I'd imagine him to be a lot more tanned to represent more of someone from Turkey than a Catholic white man from Italy like the church originally wanted. The sentiment was racist but the action itself not.
  5. Why is this somewhat likely though? lol. I wouldn't be that surprised, Trump was polling decently in Wisconsin until Rona' EXPLODED, if he can get it under grips maybe we'll see a rebound in those states with decent sized Trump country, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin. Florida and ME second district. Biden-Pence sounds very scary lol wtf.
  6. I'm just waiting for the revolution.
  7. Mitch McConnell endorses Rand Paul during a speech at Sioux City, Iowa on healthcare Senator Rand Paul with Mitch McConnell and wife Following a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa today, Rand Paul jetted to Sioux City for a speech on Healthcare. Mitch McConnell, the senator from Kentucky, came out during the speech to make an endorsement for Senator Paul, his junior senator from Kentucky and frequent ally in congress. "I have worked with Senator Rand Paul since 2011. That is 13 years. During this time I have not known a man more dedicated to his values, morals and constituents th
  8. Rand Paul officially announces his run for president of the United States in Des Moines, Iowa today Kentucky Senator Rand Paul speaks at Des Moines rally Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky, has declared his candidacy formally today for both the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party. Sources from his camp have told media that this is due to updated polling showing Paul within distance in the Republican primary with 56% of people undecided and his candidacy possibly viable among LNC delegates. The attendance for the rally was strong with the conventional hall it was
  9. This is really well written Definitely what I was waiting for.
  10. When I was joining the military I was basically informed they found a ton of very cringey pro Trump stuff I posted when I was 15 and then they were like "Don't worry about it just don't be political in the future". I am still very embarrassed lol.
  11. Messed my polling up, my family is English, Scottish and Irish, mainly Scottish. I don't know on my father's side, he is adopted and his real father isn't on his biological birth certificate though according to his biological mother, he was Dutch but that is a family myth.
  12. I don't know dude, things could change by 2024. I believe Romney won't run for a second term anyway, he only ran this time round because of Trump, no point to keep it going.
  13. Utah will be solidly Republican after 2020 if Trump is gone, he wouldn't divide his electorate and allow a Utah Republican primary him with the argument he stands with pro-life Democrats.
  14. This isn't House of Cards lol
  15. I mean it is just a handshake
  16. 20 years does make it seem like a long time, until I realize it is only three presidents. You're right though, a sitting vice president hasn't ran in a long time but former vice presidents do run quite regularly. I think its obvious why Cheney didn't run so I can't necessarily blame him anyway.
  17. I was making a joke. A lot of Trumpers like to conflate them together, even though its a complete oxymoron.
  18. Wow. More FASCIST-MARXISTS in power. Who woulda thunk it??
  19. wolves

    Georgia 5th

    I think what Patine was saying is that it'd be more convenient to rename them to a more commonwealth style constituency system we have in the UK and that Canada and Australia has. Georgia's fifth would probably be renamed after where it is, central Fulton. Just right there I know a lot more about the district, 1.) It's in Fulton, which I know in the Atlanta region. 2.) It is more likely a swing seat or safe blue, considering it is in an urban spot. 3.) I can make a good guessitimate on it's demographics, if I should put some effort into donating to it or if I end up hearing about "Race ti
  20. This is true but ex-vice presidents are always to be considered when it comes to future presidential runs.
  21. I like it but no thank you. It gets a bit annoying having to campaign in so many places in PMI, I play PI to avoid that lol.
  22. He said intent. Luckily there are a lot of laws that were written at the time with the intent of the author to be racist, he knows this, so do you and I. He just wants us to provide a direct quote of "This law applies only to white people", well obviously they don't exist anymore, that verbiage ended in 1968. That doesn't mean racism ended in 1968.
  23. That easy? Lol. DEA. Right there. For a law, current day Cannabis laws were created with the intention to deport hispanics, who are the time were the primary users of the plant. We can see that the intent behind it 1.) Hasn't changed due to the fact that Hispanics and other POC are arrested for cannabis use more than whites, despite whites using it more. 2.) Hispanics were deported on possession charges en-masse during the Bush, Obama and now Trump admin. 3.) There was no other reason to establish cannabis laws rather than to cuff people on small infringements so that they were no longer a nui
  24. Despite being practically a socialist, I have no issues with Gingrich if I'm honest. I actually respect him to some degree, manipulating a sitting president from the opposing party to moving towards the right, creating the best political environment for his party since Thomas Dewey and then properly preparing the country for GW's run through political scheming to create doubt towards Gore. I'd probably feel the same way about McConnell if I didn't live in his era, there are a lot of people who grew up experiencing Gingrich's BS that hate him, I think it's quite clever how he conducted himself.
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