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  1. Honestly Reagan04 is right in the way that this is a ploy by the muslims to regain land but it's very very clear that this is just a fight of two ideologies. Do people forget the only reason why the Palestine-Israel conflict exists is because Muslims oppressed Jews in Palestine and then Palestine got really upset that the rest of the world was even acknowledging Jewish struggle in the land of Palestine resulting in the creation of Israel. It started with muslims hating jews which in turn made the jews collectively hate the muslims more and now the ball has shifted into another cour
  2. Maybe you could have some favorability ratings with important people in your party, not your cabinet, but say, your senate leader, your house leader, the whip, etc and this makes it easier to get things passed.
  3. If I can recall correctly, in President Forever 2008, projections were a part of it, atleast it'd tell you when the game confirmed someone had won a state
  4. Trump supporter but I can say that I was actually fine with the electoral vote given to Ron Paul, I think he's a great person and deserves some kind of recognition.
  5. I love this scenario and I've played it quite a bit, sadly Obama seems to most of the time get one over me but that's not surprising. Any update on maybe the final release for this and a 2012 version?
  6. Thank you for working hard on the game and listening to the community, I have spent a lot of time on these games and I can say my purchase wasn't wasted at all!
  7. That's quite upsetting, seems like it won't come for a while which is sad because he seems to interact with the fanbase and is especially receptive. I can live without it if he adds preference voting to PMI-Canada though, that's an improvement atleast.
  8. I make small custom scenarios that I like to play for myself, I recently have become interested with global politics, especially French politics. Sadly, the lack of the popular vote opinion is saddening as I tried to make a scenario based on the Italian Constitutional Referendum and found myself focusing on the popular vote but the winner according to the game wasnt always the one who won the popular vote. So yeah, Popular Vote being added to probably Presidental Infinity cause I feel it'd work best there and preference voting to PMI would be nice.
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