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  1. All these wouldn't win against Trump tbh, they can be abused very easily, especially Brooker (voted against regulations on big pharma) or Warren (lying about native american heritage)
  2. A big point is that if we had PR, we'd be able to do Referendums as it'd be based on popular vote, finally I'd be able to do a brexit scenario.
  3. I was literally just about to post this lol. Anyway, this play by play is quite remarkable, O'Malley vs Cruz will make it even more interesting.
  4. This is why VP needs to be added onto the election results page, other than for visual satisfaction.
  5. Same, I have been wanting to make a France 2017 scenario for a long time. I made a 2012 scenario and planned to release it but then felt complete distaste and it wasnt satisfying to spend so much time trying to find the appropriate electoral votes by region. This is the same for the Austria scenario and referendum scenarios people have been releasing since PM4E
  6. Anthony said he's deciding whether or not to add a France 2017 scenario in to Presidental Infinity alongside PR. I think the community should voice how they feel about the prospect of that
  7. I was just generalizing it, I know there was a lot with the MI6 and more elections
  8. The issue there is that by 2020, and Trump has become completely normalized, Texas will turn back to how it was. It happened in 2008, then went back to being solidly red in 2012. Sessions has also been in that seat since 2003. It'll be an uphill climb. If anything, the dems will gain slightly in the house but not the senate.
  9. If you actually think democrats can make some gains in 2018 and 2020, you're incredibly naive. They're still putting forward establishment politicians and not pandering to the working class and theyre even prepping Cory Brooker a man who voted against regulations on big pharma because they gave him a nice stack of cash for 2020. The dems are just outdated and need a complete refit to adapt to the new era of populism.
  10. The governor general in Australia did that because Australia had begin to ignore him and the crown completely so he basically kicked him from the role. That governor general was eventually fired but he was given the go-ahead by the crown to do such a thing.
  11. Yes, the queen has royal prerogative but they won't because it completely delegitimizes them according to the Bill of Rights iirc. The parliament exists to give royal prerogative to the Prime Minister. Imagine it as in the way a Governor General can literally kick a Prime Minister out in Canada but wont because it'll basically destroy them. Theotically, what you're saying, can happen, but won't.
  12. I'm not a big fan of Trudeau so if O'Leary actually ends up beating him in 2019, thank god.
  13. Gore got a much better result when I had Trump on the reform ticket once, Dubya had around 90 electoral votes or round about. Crazy that Nader got under 1% though.
  14. If I'm honest, I have never fully been on Trump's side but I can say that he is fulfilling his current promises and that probably would vote for him second term no matter what as a conservative. (If I was a US Citizen) Especially since a strong talking point from democrats being "He isn't going to fulfill his promises."
  15. Good! Funny you say this because I wanted PR just so I could make a France 2017 scenario. I hope it comes soon.
  16. Making scenarios around European Elections for fun really remind me how much I want popular vote added into PI.
  17. He should have tried to create closer ties with the Cameron Cabinet instead of appearing so cold and indifferent because of closer relations and the special relationship. A lot of American allies feel the same about Obama, most notably Japan.
  18. "the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success" I do believe what I said was along those lines.
  19. Obama has no emotional intelligence, I was reading a book and theres a section on how he handled interactions with other leaders, apparently hes very cold to other leaders and is very bad at forming relationships due to his horrible social skills. They even nicknamed him "Spock" in David Cameron's cabinet.
  20. To be fair, I used to lurk here as a guest but I never had anything to input so I didn't make an account.
  21. Looks like we got thrashed in the Gubernational, sadly. Hopefully our control over the senate will compensate..
  22. Ah, I emailed Ted Cruz about it but haven't seemed to recieve anything yet.
  23. I've just joined this game, this is insanely fun actually. I'm wondering if I should join the discord though, if it'll matter in the future anyway.
  24. No I am for a two state solution, a one state solution will just ensure that Israel will be allowed to abuse the muslims and while I'm not fond of islam as a religion, I can tell you that I'd prefer if people didn't suffer.
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