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    Ideology Poll

    Lol, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and George Washington supporting civil rights.
  2. Thanks! Just had a play as PODEMOS and I love the map! Hopefully PR gets put in eventually.
  3. Also I cannot access the dropbox links, any help? It just redirects me to my account.
  4. I also feel like with people getting more and more connected to politics in Europe and Asia, that we seem to want more systems especially in the newer people being added to the fanbase overtime. I read through the older posts and people have always demanded PR but it seems to be getting more frequent.
  5. The only reason I favor FPTP Popular Vote being the highest priority is that I can make a New Zealand or Australia election scenario now while not being entirely realistically, theres nothing that ruins the whole experience. If I made a Brexit Referendum scenario, I have no popular vote option for the scenario and therefore, the whole scenario is ruined.
  6. I can provide the background, it may look a bit bad because I remade it myself but you can rate it yourself. template map.bmp
  7. With a French Election comes FPTP Popular Vote which will allow for more realistic governor elections and foreign elections abroad as well as referendum scenarios, for this reason, I disagree about it not being top priority. I do feel like coalitions in PMI is definitely something that should be added, even if its a small window when you aren't guaranteed a majority, I had a similar situation with the Conservatives but I could have formed government with UKIP.
  8. So what is going on with this? I like it but I'm having severe OCD over the lack of a Spain map.
  9. Infrastructure isn't just roads you know, he wants to expand railways to be high speed and also to revitalize urban centres like water distribution, sewers, public parks, hospitals, libraries and from money given to state, basically anything can happen, including expansion for green energy also Trump has been inquiring on SpaceX's "hyperloop" which is literally the tubes from futurama lol. I personally know about the PPP leading to more toll roads, it seems to have worked in China, Singapore and other asian nations that underwent hard infrastructure and despite this, were INCREDIBLY well
  10. Trump would overwhelming win a second term if his infrastructure plan and tax plan is put in and his job growth average and wage gain average is around the same amount as this month. Otherwise, it's a 50-50 split personally, I don't think a lot of his supporters will jump off the ship, he hasn't really broken any promises and if he has, they haven't been publicity put out in mass numbers. The thing is that blue collar workers aren't really the ones to care about "alternative facts" or whatever, they only care about their situation.
  11. That directly answers what I wanted! Thank you.
  12. Yeah, I'm not going against him for not releasing every week a new update, I love how cooperative he is with the playerbase, I just want to know if he plans to actually include the scenario as he said he was "considering" the last time we heard of it and I'm a big french politics guy and would love to make scenarios with the popular vote system (governorships would definitely be better)
  13. I'd love Anthony to give an update on if he truly is going to include a france scenario in the future.
  14. Macron is a neoliberal centre-right banker. He is the French version of Tony Blair honestly. I couldn't go for him even if I was left wing, I'd more go for Hamon.
  15. To be fair, that tension existed long before Trump and was highlighted through the election result. The thin-skinnedness of the millennial generation really shines in this too.
  16. I think the difference here is that if Trump died today, Pence probably wouldn't go through the hassle of reversing all those executive orders that fulfill campaign promises, meaning Trump has done more in his first month than Harrison has, you can't really say Harrison has done a better job, that is bias based, I think in terms of fulfilling promises, better job, but we obviously havent seen any economic boom yet other than the stockmarkets raising with confidence. (which is a good thing statistically)
  17. This list is terrible, why is Obama better than Clinton? Clinton objectively was one of the best economic presidents and cultural presidents in history, and this is coming from a VERY right wing conservative. I also don't think you or I should rate Trump's current perforance, due to the fact you're bias and I'm bias.
  18. This is one of the first times it's happened to me, it's quite interesting, I won the states North Carolina, Arizona, and Wisconsin (Home state) with barely 100k majority. Michigan, most likely the deciding state, I won by 10 thousand votes.
  19. Yep, it's still sad what happened to the reform party, iirc, they launched a poll in 2000 when Trump was on the ticket and he was getting 9% of the general election vote. Reform were a true third party.
  20. Poll came out about Warren v Trump. Early though, as shown by the huge "dont know" margin.
  21. I can't offer an article talking about it because I can't be bothered searching but looking at exit polls I'm not wrong. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/11/08/us/politics/election-exit-polls.html?_r=0 http://edition.cnn.com/election/2012/results/race/president/ https://ropercenter.cornell.edu/polls/us-elections/how-groups-voted/how-groups-voted-2008/ http://edition.cnn.com/ELECTION/2004/pages/results/states/US/P/00/epolls.0.html https://ropercenter.cornell.edu/polls/us-elections/how-groups-voted/how-groups-voted-2000/ Out of these, the only democrat that
  22. I honestly think this is a good bi-partisan analysis. The thing is, a lot of this is up in the air to how his first four years go. " I still think moderates and independents opposed to Trump might back Warren over him" Depends on how many there are at the time though, that's the thing, it all depends on how it goes. Independents went for Trump in 2016, Independents usually go for the Republican but it depends by the margin. "I'm more concerned with Warren's charisma. She's only "exciting' when she's angry. Other than that, she's very dry, and that doesn't do well on campaign. "
  23. Honestly, that's Trevor Noah. In reality, most people mock Elizabeth Warren as she's a mini progressive lite. The issue is that she has so many holes that can be exploited and poked and unlike Trump who can never seem to be harmed by bad publicity, she's got standards to keep up with. Also iirc, Elizabeth Warren is very left wing on stuff that matters to Republicans, especially Gen Z who will be able to vote in droves come 2020 like gun rights. Warren wouldn't pick up a moderate or the independent area of the electorate.
  24. Because Trump saying killings at 50% higher isn't at all as bad as lying about your heritage to get more votes or sympathy, in Mrs. Warren's case though, her party relies on minority support.
  25. This is true, I shouldn't have mentioned PR in my original post. FPP popular vote would be much more wanted by me atleast for now, PR can come later.
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